News | Dec. 18, 2020

Professionalism and teamwork: September employees of the month instrumental in meeting the DLA mission

By Dominique J. Shelton DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Christine Colantoni, an equipment specialist in the Customer Operations Directorate, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation - Cherry Point, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, Cherry Point, North Carolina, and Traci Marshall, a contracting officer team lead in the Strategic Acquisition Programs Directorate, DLA Aviation at Warner Robins, Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, were both named DLA Aviation Employee of the Month for the month of September.

Employee of the Month is awarded to DLA Aviation non-supervisory civilian employees. Two recipients are selected based on individual general schedule pay levels – one from GS 1-9 (Category 1) and one from GS 10-13 (Category 2). Recipients receive a coin, a certificate of achievement from the DLA Aviation deputy commander and a cash award.

“It is an honor to be recognized for the contributions that I have made,” Marshall said. “This award shines a light on the entire DLA depot-level reparable office here at Robins AFB.”

Marshall, the Category 2 recipient, served as the contracting officer on an $800 million contract. She also established a contract vehicle that solves production constraints for the electronic warfare squadron on the air base.

According to Justin Stewart, her division, this vehicle allows the supply chain to use buy dollars (refers to the type of projects on which the dollars are allowed to be spent) in lieu of "hard to come by" engineering dollars to obtain current technological capabilities to solve existing obsolescence and diminishing manufacturing source issues.

The use of “buy dollars” resulted in the government now being able to compete current performance specifications among a pool of pre-qualified vendors.

“Ms. Marshall is pro-active,” Stewart said. “She always looks ahead and is prepared for any obstacle that comes her way. She is also a true leader. She is a team lead with a full workload of her own, yet she is always available to help others or take on additional responsibility at a moment’s notice.”

As with Marshall, the Category 1 recipient Colantoni’s performance for the month of September positively contributed to DLA Aviation’s ability to provide suitable support to its customers.

“Ms. Colantoni's superior performance and teamwork contributed significantly to DLA Aviation - Cherry Point’s ability to provide quality, timely and cost-effective support to Fleet Readiness Center-East,” said Moises Yllanes Jr., a technical quality supervisor in the Customer Operations Directorate, Defense Logistics Agency Aviation - Cherry Point.

According to Yllanes, during this time, Colantoni performed duties as an indirect material support equipment specialist with professionalism and teamwork. Her technical expertise was instrumental in resolving an errant Navy special material identification code for the RQ21 “Blackjack” Small Tactical Unmanned Air System.

It was during this time that she received a request to extend two Navy reparable national item identification numbers in support of RQ21. She identified that the SMIC was invalid and quickly took action to have the proper SMIC loaded so that NIINs could be properly extended for the local shop to order. These actions allowed the shop to order the power supply and the communication control system without delays.

“Ms. Colantoni’s technical expertise and work ethic led to her being shifted to assist the aircraft support section due to a vacancy,” said Yllanes.

“Awards like this are an important way to recognize the hard work and service our folks provide in support of the warfighter,” Stewart said. “This is one way to show employees that they are appreciated.”