DLA Director visits DLA Distribution San Joaquin

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch visited DLA Distribution San Joaquin, Calif., Sept. 11 to discuss command operations and tour facilities at DLA’s western Strategic Distribution Platform as well as host a town hall discussing the DLA Strategic Plan.

The director started his day with a command overview, presented by San Joaquin’s commander, Marine Col. Keith Reventlow, followed by an all-hands town hall.

The town hall focused on the DLA Strategic Plan as Busch discussed all five goals:  Warfighter First; People and Culture; Strategic Engagement; Financial Stewardship; and Process Excellence before a group of 900 plus DLA employees.

When the director spoke of “People and Culture” and “Financial Stewardship,” he reminded the workforce that it must remain resilient and the enterprise will remain fully engaged in audit readiness.  He commented that employees need to create an environment where everyone is a valued team member. Additionally, employees must remain resilient and ready for all the challenges that lie ahead, particularly with maintaining audit readiness.

“We can’t fall back onto old practices,” he said. “…this is the way we have to do it for the rest of our careers. Sustain it going forward.”

At the conclusion of the town hall, Busch shared with the workforce that DLA employees add a tremendous value across the whole range of things DLA is asked to do.

“[DLA is] understood and has an effect on our national posture, the President’s national military strategy and is appreciated at the highest levels of government.”

He went on to tell the employees that he is very impressed with the DLA workforce and that he appreciates representing DLA.  “It is a good place to be when I hear senior leaders talking about the good things you do,” he concluded.

The director was highly engaged with the workforce during his tour throughout DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s mission areas. The areas of focus were fire mission, small parcel receiving, mechanized storage, mechanized packing, foreign military sales, the freight terminal, Unitized Group Rations, and the organization’s Consolidation and Containerization Point.

Following the mission tour, Busch participated in a luncheon with senior leadership from all DLA organizations on the installation, and he also took the opportunity to meet with employees of DLA Disposition Services at San Joaquin and spend time with DLA Installation Support San Joaquin.

In addition to receiving the command brief from Installation Support, he toured the Child Development Center, the base gym and the Public Safety Center.