All Vendor Information

The All Vendor Information page provides all articles and processes available in the Vendor Information Hub (VIH) to be searched and be viewed by selecting a Category associated with a group of articles/processes from the "Browse by Category" section.

 Tips for Searching Articles

Review the following tips to better use the search feature:

  • Exact match searching can be used with double quotations (e.g., "Invoicing") to find any articles having those exact words
  • When not using exact match searching with quotes, whatever words are searched upon the resulting articles that are shown will have any of the words in the content body of that article.
  • Using exact match searching with quotes and the "AND" conditional will only pull up those articles that have both exact words searched to ensure content contains multiple criteria a Vendor might be looking for.
    • For example when typing into the search field: "Invoicing" AND "Combo", only those articles that contain both words "Invoicing and Combo" will be shown in the results.

Search Vendor Information

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