Current DLA and Serviced Overseas Employees

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This page has been developed to assist you with understanding benefits available to overseas employees. These pages will provide you a brief explanation of the various benefits you will be or are entitled to as well as necessary forms for requesting those benefits. If you have questions not covered in these pages regarding overseas travel or overseas entitlements, you may wish to visit the Department of State Regulation or the Joint Travel Regulation .

Resources for DLA and Serviced Overseas Employees

Preparing for Employment Overseas

For information regarding travel and transportation to an overseas area, Government liability for travel to and from an overseas duty location or for a check list for use in tracking the completion of necessary forms/processes before you leave and upon arrival in the overseas area.

While You are Overseas

Information and forms regarding subjects like TQSA, Compensation and information on overseas schools.

Returning From Overseas

Information on termination of allowances (LQA, Post Allowance, Post Differential, and SMA) as well as information on temporary quarters upon your return to the United States.

Contingency Support

For information regarding foreign entitlements while temporarily assigned as  part of a  Contingency Support Team or in support of a military exercise.


A collection of forms and request documents to assist you in your overseas employment.

Payroll Customer Service

If you are encountering problems with your pay, contact the Overseas Entitlement Team for assistance and resolution.

When calling or sending electronic mail, please have the following information available:
  • Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Leave and Earnings Statement(s) for the period of time in question
  • Identify which overseas entitlement you're having a problem with
  • Provide description of the problem (i.e., salary advance payment not being deducted, etc.)