Priority Placement Program (PPP) Registration

 Form Instructions


SSN - Enter your social security number
Name - Enter your last name, first name, and middle initial
Address - Enter your current street or mailing address
State/Country - Enter the State or Country Code
Zip - Enter APO/FPO number
Telephone - Enter your commercial telephone number
Email Address - Enter  your electronic mail address, if available
Pay Group (PG) - Enter the pay group of your current position (i.e., GS, WG, WL, WS)
Series - Enter your current occupational series
Grade - Enter your current grade.  If the grade is below 10, enter "0" before the grade number
Job Title - Enter your current job title and option, if any i.e., Equipment Specialist (Electronics)
Salary - Enter your basic annual salary.  For hourly employees, computer the annual salary by multiplying your hourly rate by 2087.

Security Clearance - Enter the clearance currently held, as follows:
V - Crypto
T - Top Secret
S - Secret
C - Confidential
N - None

SCD - Enter your unadjusted leave service computation date (SCD).  Leave blank if you are not currently employed in the Federal service or are registering under E. O. 12721 eligibility.
Overseas Country - For overseas displaced and non-displaced employees/familty members, enter the appropriate Country Code to indicate the country in which you are located.   You may spell it out.

Return Rights - Enter one of the following codes to indicate your return rights status:
Y - You have return rights
N - You have no return rights
A - You have return rights to a position that has been abolished and return would initiate a RIF resulting in a separation or change to lower grade
1 - You are an overseas separatee who has return rights to a lower grade and elects to register for both overseas and U.S. referral.

Return Rights AK-HI-RQ-GQ - Enter "AK" (Alaska), "HI" (Hawaii), or "RQ" (Puerto Rico) if you last resided (prior to overseas assignment) in the state or commonwealth; have return rights to the state or commonwealth; are presently or were last employed and still reside in the state or commonwealth; or are registered as a family member whose sponsor is relocating to the specific state or commonwealth.

Temporary Employment - Enter one of the following codes to indicate your availabilty for term or temporary employment:
Y - Any
A - 60 days or longer
B - 120 days or longer
C - 180 days or longer
D - 1 year or longer
N - Not available for temporary employment

Part-time Employment - Enter one of the following codes to indicate your availability for part-time employment:
Y - Available for part-time employment
A - Current part-time employee; part-time offer valid if work hours equal or exceed current work hours
N - Not available for part-time employment

Intermittent - Enter "Y" if available for intermittent employment or "N" if not

Seasonal - Enter "Y" if available for seasonal employment or "N" if not

Supervisory - Enter "Y" if available for supervisory positions or currently occupying a supervisory position, or "N" if not

Defense Acquisition - Enter one of the following if applicable, or leave blank if not applicable:
Y - currently a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps and meet all DAWIA qualification requirements
A - Not currently a member of the Defense Acquisition Corps but meet all DAWIA qualification requirements
N - Not currently a member of Defense Acquisition Corps and do not meet all DAWIA qualification requirements

Non-DoD, Overseas, or Both - Enter a "Y" for referral to non-DoD Federal agencies in the U.S., a "B" for both U.S. and overseas (must also complete "countries"), or an "N" if not available for either

Private Sector - Enter "Y" if available for private sector employment or "N" if not

Reserve Technician - Enter a "Y" if tentatively eligible for and willing to actively participate in the active Military Reserve or National Guard as a condition of employment.  Enter "N" if not available/eligible

Base Closure - Enter a "Y" if you will accept an offer from an activity formally announced for closure or "N" if not.

Education - Enter one of the following codes to indicate education completed:
1 - Not a high school graduate
2 - High school graduate (or equivalent)
3 - Some college - no degree
4 - Junior college graduate - 2 years
5 - College graduate

Degree - Enter an "A" (Associate Degree) if a "4" is entered in the "Education".  If a "5" is entered in the "Education", enter one of the following codes to indicate the highest degree held:  "B" (Bachelor's), "M" (Master's), or "D" (Doctorate)
Major - Enter the major field of study if a "4" or "5" in in the "Education"

Experience 1 through 3 - Indicate relevant work experience.  The most recent experience must be shown first

Skills 1 through 5 - Complete the elements as follows:
PG - Enter the appropriate pay group (i.e., GS, WG, WL, WS)
Series - Enter occupational series
Hi Grade - Enter your highest registration grade
Lo Grade - Enter your lowest registration grade
Experience - Enter the amount of experience in years for each skill.  Six months or more is counted as a full year
Hi Held - Enter the highest permanent grade held in the specific series WITHIN THE FEDERAL SERVICE.  Leave blank if you have never held a FEDERAL position in the series.

Awards - Enter "Y" for yes and "N" for no to indicate awards received during the past 10 years which are pertinent to the qualifications for registered position(s).  When a "Y" is entered, show the awards and dates of awards in the "Employee Information/Special Qualifications"
Employee Information/Special Qualifications - Enter pertinent information or special qualifications such as licenses (e.g., Commercial Driver's License, Wastewater Treatment Plan Operator's License, etc.), training, awards, ratings, certificates, etc., related to the positions for which you are registering

Zone - As appropriate, enter one or more of the following codes for referral to all DoD activities in each selected zone:
1 - Boston, Philadelphia, and New York Region, including the Washington D.C. metropolitan area
2 - Atlanta and Dallas Regions
3 - Chicago and St. Louis Regions
4 - Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver Regions

Region - Enter the name of the region for referral to all DoD activities in each selected Region

States - Up to 28 states may be selected using the state codes

Commuting Area Only - Enter "Y" if the area of referral includes activities in the commuting area only.  Enter "N" if activities outside the commuting area are included.