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IDDescriptionDate Updated

Proposed DLMS Change 1309, Web Fund Code Data Quality Verification Improvements (Finance)
Note: On-Hold

1276Proposed DLMS Change 1276, Realignment of Army Total Package Fielding (TPF) Inventory at DLA Distribution Locations and Associated Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR) Routing (SDR/MILSTRAP/Supply)
Note: On-Hold

Proposed DLMS Change 1170, Clarify DOD Military Standard Billing System Requirement for Detail Document Number in Materiel Receipt Acknowledgment (MRA) for Tailored Vendor Relationship (TVR) (Supply/Finance)
Note: On-Hold

1168Proposed DLMS Change 1168, New Source of Supply (SoS) Delivery Acknowledgement (SDA) Transaction for the Industrial Product-Support Vendor (IPV) Program (Supply)
Note: On-Hold
1053Proposed DLMS Change 1053, The MAPAD Administrator conducted a review of DLM 4000.25, Volume 6, Chapter 3, MAPAD manual and made administrative changes to better clarify the content within the manual (MAPAD). Note: On-Hold12/15/2017
0295RFID for Approved DLMS Change 295, Use of DLMS Qualifier for Local Stock Number/Management Control Numbers (Supply) (Staffed as PDC 319)09/22/2008

Proposed DLMS Change 294, Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Requisitioning Procedures for Use of DoD EMALL


Proposed DLMS Change 271, Revise DLMS Mapping for Army Electronic Product Support (AEPS) Requisition Exception Data
Note: On-Hold by Submitter

0203Proposed DLMS Change 203, New Advice Code for the Combination of 2N (Continuous Length) and 2G (Shelf Life) Advice Codes (Supply/MILSTRIP)
Note: Under Review

Proposed DLMS Change 187, SDR E-mail Address to be Added to DoDAAF
Note: On-Hold

0176AProposed DLMS Change 176A, Packaging Discrepancy Codes (Supply/Supply Discrepancy Report (SDR)/Storage Quality Control Report)
Note: On-Hold

Proposed DLMS Change 176, Mandatory Identification of Detail Level Packaging Discrepancy Codes for USAF DoD WebSDR Users
Note: Replaced by 176A

0166RFID for Approved MILSTRIP Change 166, Status Code for Planned Program Requirements (Staffed by Proposed Change 484)11/05/1987

RFID For Approved DLMS Change 162, Correction to DSs 4010 856 Advance Shipment Notice (ASN) and 4010 861 Acceptance Report to Add Missing Qualifiers for Component Unique Data Content (Supply/Contract Adminstration)


Proposed DLMS Change 141, DLMS Supplements - 846M Supply Support Request Information and 846O Suport Output Information.
Proposed DLMS Implementation Convention (DLMS IC) for 846M
Proposed DLMS Implementation Convention (DLMS IC) for 846O

0103Proposed DLMS Change 103, Revised Service Code V Use05/30/2003

Proposed DLMS Change 98, Clarification of Transportation Control Number Usage for Modes 9 and X
Note: Revised PDC under development

0062Proposed DLMS Change 62, DAASC Mailings Note: Pending (Disapproved)03/31/2000
0049ARFID for Approved MILSTRAP Change 49A, Reconciliation and Follow-up Procedures for Dues-in After Logistics Reassignment (LR)10/01/1999

RFID for Approved DLMS Change 38, SPR Process Minimum and Maximum Quantity Checks, and New SPR Status Codes (Supply/MILSTRAP)

0036Proposed DLMS Change 36, Advanced Shipping Information (ASI)09/08/1999
0035Revised for RFID Approved MILSTRIP Change 35, Inventory Control Point (ICP) Generation of FTR Transactions10/01/1999
0034Proposed DLMS Change 34, Identifying Materiel by Serial Number on Issue Release/Receipt Document DD Form 1348-1A or 1348-2 (Supply/MILSTRIP)09/09/1999
0029AProposed DLMS Change 29A, Inclusion of the Authorized Requiring Activity in the Requisition and Revised Requisition Priority Designator (PD) Validation (Supply/MILSTRIP)06/30/2012
0029Revised RFID for Approved MILSTRAP Change 29, Processing Mass Cancellation Requests10/01/1999
0028Proposed DLMS Change 28 Disapproval Notice, New Advice Code for Shelf-Life Material or Flight Safety Critical Aircraft Parts (FSCAP) Destined for a FMS Customer06/28/1999
0018RFID for Approved DLMS Change 18, Pseudo Closure Procedures (Supply/MILSTRIP)10/23/1999

RFID for Approved MILSTRAP Change Letter (AMCL) 13, Partial Reversal of Select MILSTRAP Transactions

0012Revised RFID for Approved DLMS Change (ADC) 12, Revised Procedures for Logistics Reassignment10/01/1999