Data Standards Resources

DEDSO maintains an electronic library of the various publications, documents and other processes it manages. These are described below:

This page contains several formats of the Implementation Conventions: ANSI ASC X12: .pdf; XML Schema .xsd.

Submit a Proposed DLMS Change (PDC)
Find complete instructions on how to submit a PDC.

Approved DLMS Changes
An Approved DLMS Change (ADC) is a document that describes an update to the DLM 4000.25 manual or Implementation Convention. Changes are published and distributed to the Components upon approval.

Process Changes
This section features the change management process as well as the historical progression of changes to the Military Standard Logistics System (MILS)/DLSS/DLMS.

Deferred DLMS Changes
Search through deferred (and other) DLMS changes.

LOGDRMS maintains the current DoD logistics standard definitions of data elements and qualifier/code lists, as well as interactive representations of the DLMS Implementation Conventions (ICs). Capabilities to browse, sort, and search content are now available.

Transaction Formats and LOGDRMS Resources
Defense Logistics Management Standards makes available various formats of logistics transactions: Extensible Markup Language, DLSS, DLMS, ANSI ASC X12, DLSS Document Identifier Code (DIC), plus others.

DEDSO no longer chairs the Pipeline Measurement Committee but the Pipeline and LMARS data is available for reference.

Project Codes
To get Project Code Information, please visit the Logistics Data Gateway (LDG).

Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about the Defense Enterprise Data Standards Office by reading our FAQs.