What is a DSR?

Disposal Service Representatives (DSRs) are Disposition Service’s front-line customer service specialists to the US Warfighter. They are the most visible disposal presence for DLA customers and are often able to resolve most questions and issues on the spot.

Item Disposal

The core responsibility of DSRs is to facilitate the disposal of DOD excess property through Disposition Services and later its reuse through reutilization. This can range from advice on forms and documentation, reviewing property prior to turn-in, and offering scheduling assistance. This often involves providing support by making disposal decisions regarding complex types of property.


An additional aspect of a DSR’s role is to help expand our customer’s supply streams through reutilization. Most customers do not realize that reutilization can be used as a valid source of supply. DSRs are able to guide them to request new items, create want lists, and navigate the overall process. This provides an effective cost avoidance measure by utilizing budget offsets through reutilization.

Customer Training

DSRs often provide a wide spectrum of routine customer training. This ranges from individual, personalized instruction all the way to a more formalized classroom setting. Tailoring presentations and instruction to a specific audience helps meet our customer’s needs more effectively. DSRs are located world-wide, which provides customers with near real-time communication with experts. Working near our customers helps to foster a positive working relationship between organizations.

DSRs are not only the face of Disposition Services to our customers, but they are also important customer advocates who relay and contextualize important information from the field.

Connect with a local DSR by using the Site Locator.