Customer Impact Notice - Upcoming Reduced Operations

Find a Location

For users scheduling property turn-in appointments, please review the transportation instructions to ensure that you are turning in property to the correct DLA Disposition Services' location.

To find a Disposition Services' location on the map below, click on a red pin and view information about the site. Click and drag to move the map around. To view a list of locations, click on the accordion menu below.


Transportation Customers need to know their servicing DLA Disposition Services’ location (this is where the closest site is to you and where the Disposal Services Representative (DSR) will be to assist you with your turn-in needs). The designated turn-in location for your property is based upon the turn-in activity’s zip code and the zip code mapping tool.

To determine whether you’re within 60 miles or not from the designated turn-in location, please use the zip code mapping tool to determine your turn-in options