DLA Disposition Services at





74 C Street
Bldg 315
Herlong, CA 96113

Hours of Operation


RTD Screening

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Also by scheduled appointment

List of Services

RTD Guidance

Who Should I contact?

DSR - for general questions on turning in property (i.e., paperwork, procedures), or getting started with reutilization

Scrap - For questions regarding scrap turn-ins

RTD - do you have a question about property that we have on-hand that you wish to reutilize? Or, do you need to check status of your requisition?

Environmental - For questions regarding hazardous material or hazardous waste turn-ins

Site Lead - Have an issue with local support that needs to be discussed?

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Schedule a Turn-In
All turn-ins must be scheduled
DSN 855-4547
Commercial 530-827-4547
Helpful Turn-In Information
Customer Assistance Handbook
Turn In Smartbook
Points of Contact
DSR 855-4563 530-827-4563
Scrap 855-4547 530-827-4547
Environ. 855-4547 530-827-4547
RTD 855-4563 530-827-4563

Site Lead
DSN 855-4546
Commercial 530-827-4546

Area Manager
DSN 855-5267
Commercial 530-827-5267




Pass and ID Office/Truck Access Instructions:

Take Highway 395 North from Reno, NV, approx. 40 miles, turn right on county road A-26 (Garnier Rd).Turn right on county road A-25 (Herlong Rd); approx. ½ mile, follow Truck Access sign. Drivers must stop and check-in at Pass & ID Bldg-106; Ph 530-827-4108. Once pass is issued, proceed North on Chewing Gum Rd. to truck Inspection Station. Take first Right on “A” South Rd. Continue beyond flashing Red “Stop” sign to second stop sign (appx 1.5 Miles).Turn right on Main Mag Rd(appx ½ mile), Turn Left at “D St”(appox ¾ mile). Turn Right at “7th St”. DLA is the first building on the Right Bldg S-315. This is the only entrance to DLA Facility.  


CAC ID/Visitors Instructions:

Take Highway 395 North from Reno, NV, turn right on county road A-26 (Garnier Rd), turn right on county road A-25 (Herlong Rd) this will take you to Sierra Army Depot (SIAD) Main Gate. Once through gate continue straight to Texas St (Turn Left), take first Right on Main Mag Rd. Follow the road around a 90-degree left elbow, go across the R/R tracks, past Gate House, and take a right on "A" street. (first Right past Gate House)
Once you cross another set of railroad tracks take the first left (apprx ¾ mile), this will be 7th Street (no sign), DLA will be the first building on the left; Bldg S-315. Parking is in lot on left. This is the only entrance to DLA Facility.