Search for Property
Search for Property

Find and acquire items to reutilize from Disposition Services

DLA Disposition Services offers a wide variety of serviceable property for reutilization, transfer, or donation (RTD) to DOD units and other additional agencies. Property reutilized through Disposition Services is at no cost to the receiving DOD activity in most cases. In many cases there will be no shipping charge.

In order to utilize RTD programs, DOD customers must register in the AMPS website in order to request a user account and password to search and requisition from the excess property inventory. To begin this process, click the "How do I get access to RTD" button. If you have already created an account and want to become more familiar with RTD Web, click the "How do I search for property" or "How do I create a Want List" buttons.

Program-specific questions can be asked by emailing the RTD Office.

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AMPS Website The AMPS Website is the gateway for DLA applications. It allows you to register to access programs within the Business Portal.

DLA Business Portal The DLA Business Portal is the You will need an AMPS account to enter this site and properly utilize its functions. RTD Web, ETIDs and other applications are found here.