Classified Material Turn-In

Classified Material and COMSEC


Classified Disposal Regulations
DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 54

Sensitive Item Turn-in Briefing

It is the responsibility of the generating activity to ensure proper disposition of COMSEC or controlled cryptographic item (CCI) materiel in accordance with the National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Instruction Number 4004, prior to the transfer of equipment, if any, to DLA Disposition Services sites.

Items in FSCs 5810 (COMSEC) or 5811 (Cryptologic) designated as COMSEC or CCI fall under the CIIC of “9” and will be rejected back to the DoD Components for processing in accordance with Reference

All other items in these FSCs with a code other than CIIC 9 or another form of identification as COMSEC or CCI can be turned in to a DLA Disposition Services site for disposal according to standard disposal procedures (e.g., brackets, dials, access panels, retainers).

DLA Disposition Services sites must check items suspected of being COMSEC or CCI against federal logistics (FEDLOG) to validate the CIIC. Suspect items that are transferred under an LSN must be checked to determine if they have NSA or COMSEC metal identification tags, identification labels, or any other markings that may identify the item as COMSEC or CCI.

DLA Disposition Services sites may only accept scrap receipts of COMSEC or CCI property provided they have been processed according to NSA regulation and U.S. Navy Naval Sea Systems Command Instruction (NAVSEAINST) C5511.32B ) and all decals, data plates, and other identification, which would indicate that the property was once COMSEC or CCI equipment, have been removed.




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