Tires Turn-In



Tires Disposal Regulations

DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 173

Required Documents

If the tire is DEMIL A, the unit of issue is AY and they are USABLE they can be turned in.

If the tires are DEMIL A, Unit of Issue is EA, the rim must be removed. They can be turned in if Usable if they are Unserviceable then turn in as SCRAP. If the rims are separate they WILL need a separate 1348.

If the tire is DEMIL B with rim and the Unit of issue is AY (serviceable) turn in.

If the tire is unserviceable remove rim and turn into SCRAP with a separate 1348 for the rims and a separate 1348 for the tires (we will always need a separate 1348 when turning in the tires separate from the rim).

Discarded or Scrap Tires.

Several States have instituted scrap tire management programs whereby they regulate, under solid waste regulations, how scrap tires are managed. This includes permit programs for facilities that collect or store scrap tires, a manifest system for disposal, and the manner of transportation and landfill disposal.

OCONUS DLA Disposition Services sites will comply with host installation or country requirements. Ground and aviation tires are DEMIL Code A, except for F-14 aircraft tires and flat or bullet-proof tires

Generating activities may dispose of scrap tires at the DLA Disposition Services sites. However, the DLA Disposition Services site’s ability to receive the tires may be limited if the DLA Disposition Services site is in a State that requires permits for tire collection above a specific amount, e.g., 500, 1000, unless the host installation has a permit.

If the DLA Disposition Services site cannot receive the scrap tires, the generating activity will retain physical custody.


Blank 1348-A

 Blank 1348


1348 Instructions