LESO Forms and Documents

Application for Participation (State Agencies)

Application for Participation (Federal Agencies only)

Note: All Forms, Requests and Justification are required to be signed and submitted by your respective State Coordinator prior to submission to the LESO.


Please forward your application to your respective State Coordinator.  The State Coordinator will confirm that the State Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) meets the definition and will abide by all terms of the DLA/State Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).  Once the State Coordinator has signed the application, they will forward the signed application to the LESO. 

If LESO approves the application for participation, they will notify the agency's State Coordinator who will notify the State LEA that they are eligible for the Program after the Chief Law Enforcement Official (CLEO) has signed and agreed to the State Plan of Operation (SPO).  The SPO will provide all the details, requirements and restrictions of the Program.  Once the SPO has been signed by the State and the CLEO for the LEA, the LESO will activate them as a member of the Program

Aircraft Forms

Aircraft Request Form 

Aircraft Justification Template 

Aircraft Information Form


Vehicle Forms

Armored Vehicle Request Form

Armored Vehicle Justification Template

DLA Form 1928 - Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle

MRAP Demil Prep Letter (Required when requesting an MRAP)

Small Arms Forms     

ATF Forms Link

Small Arms Request Form

Small Arms Transfer Instructions

Small Arms Justification template

Inert Certification Appointment Letter

Ammunition Request Form

Property Accounting Forms

DD Form 200 Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss (FLIPL)

 FLIPL Instructions 

Equipment Custody Receipt