What DLA Disposition Services Offers

DLA Disposition Services is the reverse logistics experts for the Department of Defense, and we offer a wide variety of services to accomplish this mission for the Warfighter. 

Property Turn-In

DLA Disposition Services is responsible for disposal of all DoD‐generated property authorized for turn‐in except for specific categories.

Our personnel are prepared to assist you in completing necessary documents, arranging for disposal solutions, and training your personnel in disposal turn-in procedures. We can dispose of large items in-place, that are not transportable to a DLA storage area, or property that is held in remote locations. 

Turn-in Handbook

The Turn-in Documentation Smart Book is designed to help customers understand and incorporate documentation requirements for common item disposals and turn in at DLA Disposition Services locations.


Item Reuse and Reutilization

Reutilization, Transfer and Donation (RTD) customers save millions of dollars every year through the DLA Disposition Services reutilization program. A wealth of “ready-to-reuse” property is received daily by DLA Disposition Services, ranging from routine supply requirements to specialized equipment. By taking advantage of the reutilization program, customers can reduce procurement costs and enhance training requirements. Every dollar’s worth of property reutilized is a supply or maintenance dollar saved. Almost every item in the military supply system can be found in the DLA Disposition Services inventory at one time or another.

Law Enforcement Support

In the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Years 1990 and 1991, Congress authorized the transfer of excess DoD property to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Under this authority, excess Department of Defense property (equipment) that might otherwise be destroyed, may be conditionally transferred to participating law enforcement agencies across the United States and its Territories.

Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program

DLA Disposition Services is authorized to provide excess defense articles (EDA) to authorized Partner Nations through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Program. EDA is Defense Department (DoD) owned property that has been declared as excess by the U.S. Armed Forces. This excess equipment is offered at reduced cost to eligible customers or at no cost to eligible grant aid countries on an "as is, where is" basis.

Computers for Learning (CFL)

The Department of Defense (DOD) Computers for Learning (CFL) program was created to provide useful IT equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organizations serving grades pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. The DOD CFL program is designed to streamline the transfer of excess and surplus DOD IT equipment to schools.

Additional Special Programs

Additional special programs are eligible to receive excess property and items through reutilization. Learn more about these groups on the RTD page.


Certain property is demilitarized (i.e., rendered useless for its originally intended purpose). Surplus property with inherent military characteristics must undergo "demil." Offensive and defensive weapons and associated material are demilitarized prior to sale or as a condition of sale.

Keeping the environment in mind

DLA Disposition Services manages the disposal of hazardous property for DoD activities, maximizing the use of each item and minimizing environmental risks and costs through monitored compliant disposal.

Precious Metals Recovery

A Resource Recovery and Recycling Program conserves natural resources, reduces waste products and returns revenue to the military services. Through recycling, the Precious Metals Recovery Program significantly reduces the need for DoD to purchase metals such as gold, silver and platinum family metals through recycling of excess and surplus scrap containing precious metals.

Qualified Recycling Program

Installations can establish Qualified Recycling Programs (QRPs) as part of their integrated waste management program to retain revenue from the sale of recycled materials. In addition to diverting waste from disposal facilities, installations save landfill disposal costs and use the proceeds to fund various programs and local project costs. Cost-effective and successful QRPs require understanding of solid waste stream characteristics and financial management, including marketability of materials, recycling costs, sales proceeds, and cost avoidance.

DLA Disposition Services no longer participates in QRP. Customers can obtain more information on the DENIX QRP web page

Selling DoD surplus property

DLA Disposition Services manages the DoD surplus property sales program. Excess property that is not reutilized, transferred or donated may be sold to the public.  The property, no longer needed by the government, is only sold if it is appropriate and safe for sale to the general public. 

Contracting and Acquisition

The Acquisition Operations Division is responsible for providing contracting support to DLA Disposition Services Headquarters and Field Sites, DLA Logistics Information Service and DLA Installation Support Battle Creek.  The Division performs all pre-award and post award activities associated with acquiring a variety of supplies and services. 

Small Business Ombudsman

The DLA Disposition Services Small Business Ombudsman will receive, review and investigate concerns from small businesses about DLA Disposition Services initiatives and process changes. The Small Business Ombudsman will function in this capacity independent from DLA Disposition Services operational and policy offices and ensure that small business concerns are given fair consideration. The DLA Disposition Services Small Business Ombudsman can be reached at

Document Services

DLA Document Services is now the Defense Department's primary provider of printing services, office print devices and electronic conversion services. 

Order Printing and Scanning Services

Used for Online Ordering. Document Services Online (DSO) is a web-based e-commerce site that allows customers to shop and order our products and services online.

Order Office Printing Devices

Equipment Management Solutions Portal is a web-based e-commerce site that allows customers to shop and order office print devices (both for lease and purchase) worldwide, submit relocation requests of existing devices and request assessments of their existing office device fleet to right-size for cost savings.

Printing Services

Document Services provides high-quality, low-cost document solutions including copy and print services, custom/specialty products, desktop publishing, CD/DVD duplication, mailing services and much more.

Scanning and Conversion

You have documents and records. We have ways to help you manage them. We convert documents and media into electronic images and make them available on local drives, via the internet or CD/DVD. Reach out to a local facility for more information.

Office Printing Devices

Equipment Management Solutions is one of the government's largest providers of office document equipment. Our program provides networked multifunctional devices (MFDs) that print, scan, copy and fax all in one device.