Contracting officer recognized for financial excellence

DLA Energy Public Affairs


Acquisition professionals are the foundation of DLA Energy’s business standards and accountability processes, going above-and-beyond to ensure contracts serve the best interest of the Warfighter, government and taxpayer.

Jacob Vigil, Defense Logistics Agency Energy contracting officer, received a DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award for the first quarter of fiscal year 2019 for being always accountable in his dedication to financial excellence.

“DLA Energy is committed to being a reliable and trustworthy financial steward making investment decisions that are not only cost-conscious but also innovative to improve the resiliency of our military bases and meet global mission requirements,” said DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Miller.

In the first quarter of fiscal year 2019, Vigil managed and executed 26 Energy Savings Performance Contracts totaling more than $500 million on military bases worldwide. Most noteworthy was the execution of the ESPC award for Misawa Air Base, Japan. The 2011 tsunami’s widespread natural disaster significantly disrupted the base and surrounding community’s electrical power. After two years in development, an ESPC project valued at more than $450 million was awarded in December 2018.

As a supervisory contracting officer, Vigil fostered strong partnerships with the Air Force ESPC program office, senior leadership and Misawa AB while effectively negotiating an $8.4 million reduction in the contract implementation costs. This provided the Air Force with cost savings of an estimated $35.2 million over the term of the contract.

Over the course of the acquisition, Vigil resolved project development issues related to the Status of Forces Agreement, transportation of material to overseas locations, negotiation of risk of loss language, foreign currency fluctuations, time differences and other terms unique to ESPCs and an overseas project.

Additionally, forward-thinking, he coordinated DLA Acquisition Senior Procurement Executive review and approval of the contract award in advance of an expected increase in interest rates, which would have resulted in higher costs to the government had the award not been executed in a timely fashion.

Vigil’s can-do attitude, technical prowess, proficiency and dedication to the success of executing a highly complex contract serves as an inspiration to his entire division, noted his nominating official.

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