Energy EOQ, Strategic Awards

By Elizabeth Stoeckmann DLA Energy Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees received second quarter of fiscal year 2019 awards for their contributions to the organization’s mission and Warfighter support.

“We all know that no one succeeds alone, so I offer my personal thanks to everyone who was part of the larger team that continues to make us successful day-in and day-out,” said DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen Albert Miller.

Military Officer of the Quarter:

DLA Energy Middle East Air Force Maj. Sharon Large was selected for the DLA Energy Field Grade Officer of the Quarter. As the chief of Supplier Operations, she managed, coordinated and resolved fuel inventory challenges at 17 Defense Fuel Support Point bulk fuel locations with 60 product accounts while maintaining a stockage objective of 98%, which is 23% above the standard. Her accurate forecasting and distribution planning provided uninterrupted fuel capability for various joint/coalition exercises throughout the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. On a daily basis, she managed the distribution of over 600 million gallons of fuel through 78 supply chain nodes with no disruption to the customer's mission.

Large is not only a leader, but a coach and mentor to 13 military and civilian employees that manage bulk petroleum inventories, contracting, and international agreements for 14 countries in the CENTCOM AOR. In her spare time, she is a global steward to the community of Bahrain donating time and resources as well as raising awareness and community support.

“Maj. Large is highly intelligent, proactive, and has an incredible work ethic,” Miller said in her nomination award package. “She is highly sought after for her expertise from DLA Energy headquarters, service component fuel officers and the CENTCOM Joint Petroleum Office.”

Senior Enlisted Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter:

DLA Energy Americas East Army Sgt. 1st Class Stacy Mouzon was selected as the DLA Energy Senior Enlisted Noncommissioned Officer of the Quarter. As a quality assurance representative for the Southeast Quality Team at Charleston, South Carolina, Mouzon provided quality assurance/surveillance throughout South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
Mouzon managed multiple DLA Energy commodities for numerous customers and quickly developed a reputation as a "go-to" QAR who can execute any assigned task/mission with little to no notice or supervision. During this period, Mouzon personally oversaw the handling, storage and issue of more than 5.2 million gallons of JAA/F-24 aviation fuel supporting a multitude of customers. In addition, he managed and provided oversight of facility upgrade projects at DFSP Charleston valued at more than $2.2 million, all the while, providing quality assurance/surveillance of 24 contracts for energy products and services valued at more than $146 million.

“Mouzon is absolutely committed to providing the best DLA customer support possible base and world-class Warfighter support through the region without fail,” Miller said.

Civilian Employees of the Quarter:

Diana Tabuner was selected in the GS-7/12 category, and recognized as an exceptional performer with multiple logistics and administrative talents that contributed to the mission success of DLA Energy South-West Pacific. She was responsible for monitoring and maintaining storage and resupply for DFSPs at Guam, the Philippines, Singapore, and Diego Garcia, where she worked diligently with servicemembers and contractors to maintain stock levels as prescribed by the DLA Energy Inventory Management Plan. Her focus and attention to detail received continuous praise from DFSP leadership and local commands.

In addition to her primary duties, Tabunar performed supply planner duties for DLA Energy Japan from December 2018 to April 2019, maintaining stock levels, ordering, and resupply for both the South-West Pacific and Japan DLA Energy regions covering 23 DFSPs with over 3.6 billion gallons of operational and contingency fuel stocks. 

“Tabunar’s consistent cheerful demeanor and ready inclination to volunteer her support to not only the Energy South-West Pacific team but to other regions, has made her an exceptional asset to this organization and in meeting the Warfighter requirements,” her nomination package noted.
Kristine Davidson was selected in the GS-13/15 category and recognized as the best customer account specialist for the DLA Energy Direct Delivery Fuels team as she demonstrated superior performance, innovation and teamwork. Her expertise was evidenced in DDF projects that directly supported the Warfighter, specifically in preparation and execution of support to exercises in U.S. Indo-Pacific Command.

As the lead for the DDF requirements project, Davidson ensured the new process achieved 100% validation of all customer fuel requirements prior to executing a long-term purchase request for the next solicitation process. She was instrumental in the cross communication between CAS, supply and demand planning, contracting, quality, market research, business and procurement process team from order management/planning/electronic procurement and region leads.

Davidson developed innovative improvements so the Warfighter could meet dynamic, time-sensitive requirements. She coordinated directly with operations personnel, explained the concept for support DLA Energy uses in overseas theaters that allows customer to pre-identify geographic areas for support, collaborated with contracting, market research, operations and planning to find a solution for short fuse regions in CONUS.  

“She is an exceptional team player and brings out the best in all she encounters as she goes above and beyond daily tasks for the benefit of DLA Energy and the Warfighter,” said her nominating supervisor.

DLA Director's Strategic Goals Award nominations:

In the category of Warfighter First, DLA Energy Americas East Offutt Air Force Base Region Response Team was nominated for the Director’s Strategic Goals Award for their outstanding support and commitment to Offutt AFB in the aftermath of record flooding.

The team consisted of Randy Cotrell, Air Force Maj. Charles Morton, Heather Huhn, Joshua Zehler, Verlyn Shad, Elysia Boyles-Charles and Timothy Howell. The team personnel distinguished themselves in reconstituting the Offutt’s 55th Wing refueling capability after a “bomb cyclone” storm struck the central U.S., during which snowmelt and rainfall crested rivers and creeks throughout Nebraska. 

In the DLA Director’s Strategic Goals Award Medium Group category, personnel from DLA Energy Business Units – Quality Technical Directorate, Bulk Petroleum Products, Supply Chain Management along with Energy Regions/Sub-Regions – Americas East, Europe & Africa, Korea were nominated to recognize their efforts for Warfighter First: Strengthen Service and Combatant Command Readiness and Lethality.

To address emergent quality issues with Thermally Stable Aviation Turbine Fuel potentially affecting availability for missions, consummate professionals of DLA Energy embodied DLA Energy Strategic Goals as seen through multiple lines of effort. Energy actions ensured continuous fuel availability and product quality was not a limiting factor in support of U.S. Air Force surveillance and reconnaissance efforts in the Indo-Pacific Command area of responsibility.

“If you see these outstanding team players in the halls, at meetings, or just going about your daily business, please stop and thank them for being truly amazing,” Miller said.

DLA Energy winners will move on to compete with other DLA personnel for DLA quarterly awards.