Supporting QLLEX

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Energy Americas provided fuel operations support and expertise during the U.S. Army Reserve’s 2019 Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise at Fort Dix, New Jersey, July 22-31. 

The Army Reserve 475th Quartermaster Group hosted the exercise that includes all facets of petroleum and water operations – tactical and technical – from command and control, accountability and storage to fuel distribution and water procurement/production. 

DLA Energy experts shadowed Army Reserve fuel handlers, transporters, and laboratory specialists as they demonstrated their skills in real-world fuel support using military fuel tankers to transfer the DLA Energy-capitalized bulk petroleum products from Defense Fuel Support Points to Department of Defense installations across the nation. 

“Leveraging U.S. Army Reserve transportation in place of traditional industry nodes led to a significant $106,000 cost avoidance for DLA Energy,” said DLA Energy Americas at Houston Operations Officer Air Force Maj. Charles Morton. “DLA Energy quality assurance representatives and supply planners were critical to mission success leading to seamless delivery of more than three million gallons of fuel in an astounding six-day period.”
Supply planners worked with DFSP Terminal Managers and downstream customers to substitute commercial supply chain nodes with Army Reserve organic transportation capability. Region QARs inspected 288 Army Reserve fuel tankers prior to exercise start and observed filling operations at several DFSPs to ensure proper procedures and fuel oversight was conducted. Throughout the exercise, the QARs maintained a forward presence in battalion tactical operations centers.  

Air Force Master Sgt. Jeff Sabo, a QAR for DLA Energy Americas at Houston, was assigned as the DLA Observer Controller for the exercise at DFSP Bordentown, New Jersey.

“My main objective is to always start by building a good rapport with the unit I will be shadowing,” he said. “As OC’s, it’s our responsibility to witness failures, successes and to provide real-time feedback.”  

Michael Purkey, also a QAR for DLA Energy Americas at Houston, has participated in QLLEX for the past eight years at DFSP Selma, North Carolina. 

“Both the terminal contractor and I agree this year was by far the best we’ve seen in terms of transport trailer readiness,” Purkey said. “We attribute that to the level of detail during the inspections, consistent inspection standards and strong guidance/training from the participating QAR’s.”  

“The exercise solidified the Army Reserve’s ability to sustain the U.S. Army liquid logistics operations,” Morton said. “Additionally, the Army Reserve proved to be a viable bulk petroleum transportation capability for DLA Energy Americas should commercial transportation nodes become disrupted.”

DLA Energy’s key role in the training exercise ensured wartime readiness and enduring DoD logistics supportability, said the 475th Quartermaster Group Commander Army Col. Laura Howell during the QLLEX Distinguished Visitors Day, July 28.