Second quarter military employees of the quarter

By DLA Energy Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Miller announced Energy’s second quarter, fiscal year 2020 military employees of the quarter.

Field Grade Officer Category:

Air Force Maj. Lewis Benton III, DLA Energy Headquarters

Company Grade Category:

Army Capt. Theodore Yost, DLA Energy East Pacific Region

Senior Noncommissioned Officer Category:

Air Force Master Sgt. Jason Karras, DLA Energy Headquarters

Junior Noncommissioned Officer Category:

Air Force Tech Sgt. Zachary Beggin, DLA Energy Americas

These DLA Energy service members went on to compete at the agency wide 2nd Quarter Military Recognition Program where Beggin won the DLA Junior Noncommissioned Officer category for the 2nd Quarter for 2020. 

DLA Human Resources decided to combine the 2nd and 3rd quarter civilian employees of the quarter and Director's Strategic Goals Awards.