DLA Energy’s Hall retires after 35 years of federal service

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs


Darcy L. Hall, director, Manpower & Administrative Support Office, Defense Logistics Agency Energy, is retiring June 30 after 35 years of service.

Hall began her career serving three years in the U.S. Marine Corp before starting federal service as a staffing assistant clerk with DLA Human Resources, Cameron Station in Alexandria, Virginia. After a few moves, as a military spouse, she transferred to the DLA headquarters working for Human Resources, J1, before transitioning to Energy.

Carol O’Leary was Hall’s first supervisor at DLA Energy.

“We hired Darcy from J1 to gain her experience and knowledge in civilian personnel matters,” O’Leary said. “Her knowledge and insight helped DLA Energy with a wide assortment of civilian personnel matters, ranging from hiring, classifying positions or sensitive personnel issues.”

Darcy was our “go to” person on all matters relating to civilian personnel and provided great customer service the whole time I was there, O’Leary added. 

The DLA Energy Manpower and Administrative Office is the central point of contact for all personnel matters, both civilian and military. Their responsibilities include civilian and military movements (to include deployments); time and attendance; telework program; the Defense Travel System; and the central billing account which manages the large permanent change of station moves that are tracked and paid through the administrative team.

“Operational support offices are the unsung heroes,” Hall said. “Without us, missions fail and without missions, we wouldn’t have a job.”

Noted for her candor, Hall said the key to her success is patience and flexibility.

“You always have to get work done, and you have to be able to pivot with new leadership and reach out to those with the knowledge,” she said.

Hall’s retirement plans include relocating to Bradenton/Sarasota area of Florida.

“It’s time to let the next generation take over,” Hall said. “I am looking forward to relaxing and doing anything I want to do.”