Learn more about what DLA Europe & Africa provides to the warfighter through a YouTube playlist featuring their support to exercises and their logistics support in action at several military installations.

DLA Europe & Africa serves as the Defense Logistics Agency's operationalized Regional Command Headquarters supporting U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command Areas of Operation (AOR). DLA Europe & Africa proactively integrates and synchronizes DLA’s Global Readiness Solutions to ensure EUCOM, AFRICOM, and Service Component Warfighter Capability.

As the Nation’s Combat Logistic Support Agency’s forward single headquarters supporting EUCOM and AFRICOM AORs, DLA Europe & Africa provides the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, federal agencies, and partner and allied Nations with the full spectrum of logistics, acquisition, and technical services within an increasingly complex geographic environment that includes 55.8 million square miles covering 104 Nations.

Postured forward and supported by DLA’s six Major Subordinate Commands - DLA Aviation, DLA Troop Support, DLA Energy, DLA Distribution, DLA Disposition, DLA Land and Maritime - DLA Europe & Africa is prepared to sustain warfighter readiness and lethality by delivering proactive global logistics in peace and war.

With a dedicated, agile workforce that is forward and engaged throughout Europe and Africa, DLA Europe & Africa leverages strong partnerships with the Joint Logistics Enterprise, Inter-Agency, Industry, and partner and Allied Nations to serve the Warfighter and our Nation!


Europe & Africa News

New commander serves as face of DLA support to EUCOM, AFRICOM 
Air Force Maj. Gen. Allan Day, DLA Logistics Operations director, presents the colors to Army Col. Krista Hoffman, incoming DLA Europe & Africa commander, during a change of command ceremony June 26 in Kaiserslautern, Germany, as Army Master Sgt. Roxanna Carr (middle left), DLA E&A senior enlisted leader, and Army Col. Theodore Shinkle (right), outgoing commander, look on. Photo by Elisabeth Paqué
June 27, 2019 - Army Col. Krista Hoffman, new Defense Logistics Agency Europe & Africa commander, will serve as the entry point for DLA’s warfighter support to U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command. 

Mobile disposal site deploys for first time
Property Disposal Specialist Parry Miller guides the construction of a mobile command and control shelter at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo. Miller will serve as the disposal site lead for two weeks as a DLA Disposition Services team torches, shreds and removes broken down equipment the U.S. Army has accumulated during its peacekeeping mission there.
June 18, 2019 - An agency property disposal team has set up temporary shop at Kosovo’s Camp Bondsteel to help the 20-year-old base rid itself of defunct and decrepit equipment.

D-Day 75: DLA supports troops commemorating anniversary
Paratroopers with the 173rd Airborne Brigade meet World War II veterans during a ceremony June 1, 2019 in Bricqubec-en-Contin, France to honor two B-17s that were shot down, one of more than 80 events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day the Normandy region June 1-9. The Defense Logistics Agency provided MREs, bottled water and cots to support the more than 1,300 U.S. service members supporting the commemoration events. Photo by Army Sgt. Henry Villarama
June 5, 2019 - DLA delivered materials to three locations in France to sustain service members supporting the D-Day anniversary. But it was an engineering feat that helped sustain Allied troops following the Normandy invasion 75 years ago.

Europe and Africa hold customer-focused workshop
DLA Energy Europe and Africa Auditability Chief Keith Embree (left) and Lead Customer Account Specialist Sammy Sobah await their turn to present at an Order Requestors Workshop at the Sembach U.S. Army Installation Conference Center in Germany. Courtesy photo
June 4, 2019 - Striving to improve customer service and outreach, DLA Energy Europe and Africa hosted an Order Requestors Workshop at the Sembach U.S. Army Installation Conference Center in Germany earlier this year.

Excellence in Government: DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa team earns gold
The Internal Logistics Operations and Readiness team at DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa earned a gold medal for Outstanding Administrative Support during the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board's Excellence in Government Awards May 9. From left to right, team members are: Michael Tuttle, Kimberlee Colip, Hartmut Schwarz, Reagen Nossett, Janis Spear and Anja Klingenberg. Photo by Army Master Sgt. Manuel Taveras
May 14, 2019 - The Internal Logistics Operations and Readiness team at DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa earned a gold medal for Outstanding Administrative Support from the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board.

DLA Distribution employees respond during HAZMAT exercise in Germersheim
A group of DLA Distribution Europe employees hustle to lay concealment materials around a simulated HAZMAT spill May 3 at Germersheim Army Depot, Germany. The hands-on training exercise was meant to ensure DDDE’s readiness in the case of an actual spill.
May 6, 2019 - Employees at DLA Distribution Europe conducted HAZMAT training at their main facility at the Germersheim Army Depot. The training took place as DDDE officials wait for German authorities to permit expansion of their HAZMAT storage capacity to support NATO and other military readiness requirements.

DLA Headquarters Recent News

NESO analyst digs deep to support enterprise
DLA NESO Senior Operations Research Analyst Mark Melius reflects on his military and civilian career supporting the nation’s warfighters. Photo by Dianne Ryder
Aug. 16, 2019 - As a senior operations research analyst in the Defense Logistics Agency’s Nuclear Enterprise Support Office, Mark Melius knows he makes a difference in his job applying his and his oldest son’s experiences of being a direct military customer of DLA’s support.