DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa is a forward element that supports nearly 300K soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines with $5B worth of materiel annually throughout 121 countries in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, providing effective and efficient solutions across Troop Support's supply chains: Subsistence, Clothing & Textiles, Construction & Equipment, and Medical.

Contact us:    

DSN 324-206-9701

From U.S. 011-49-06317-106-9701

Email: trpspteacmdu@dla.mil



NEW: DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa Customer Handbook

This customer handbook serves as a guide to help customers understand the full range of capabilities, commodities and solutions that DLA Troop Support Europe & Africa provides across four diverse supply chains. The handbook features:

  • Full contact lists for each commodity and region
  • Supply planning considerations
  • Supply chains and commodity descriptions


Mask/Face covering ordering info



Points of Contact


Operational Rations (EUCOM, CENTCOM, AFRICOM): DLATRPSPTOPRATSTeam@dla.mil

Southern Europe: DLATRPSPTPVSTeam@dla.mil

Northern Europe: DLATRPSPTPVNTeam@dla.mil

Afghanistan: DLATRPSPTAFGHANCSTeam@dla.mil

Kuwait, Jordan, Iraq: DLATRPSPTKUWIATCSTeam@dla.mil

UAE, Oman, Djibouti, Kenya: DLATRPSPTSWAPSSTeam@dla.mil

Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia: DLATRPSPTSWAPOFITeam@dla.mil

Other commodities

Construction & Equipment: Lumber@dla.mil

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) program: trpspt.ea.mro@dla.mil

Clothing & Textiles: DSCPE.CT@dla.mil

Medical: Medical@dla.mil