DLA Industry Day took place on September 19, 2018. This year’s theme was: Supporting Warfighter Readiness and Lethality Through Strong Partnership with Industry. Warfighter First is our #1 priority and our success in ensuring Service readiness and Combatant Command lethality would not be possible without strong partnerships with Industry.  This event featured DLA’s strategic vision and metrics, updates on Department of Defense and DLA acquisition reforms efforts and FY19 DLA related business opportunities. 

During this event, we heard from the DLA Director Lieutenant General Darrell K. Williams, Deputy Director of DLA Logistics Operations Mr. Michael Scott, Director of DLA Acquisition Mr. Matthew R. Beebe and leaders from our six Major Subordinate Commands.

DLA Industry Day Part 1

DLA Industry Day Part 2

DLA Industry Day Part 3

DLA Industry Day Slides that were presented to the guests

DLA Industry Day Slide Deck

Energy-B Slide Deck

CE Standard Brief Big Picture Slide Deck

1020 DLA Distribution Slide Deck

DLA Internal Requirements Slide Deck

LMI Industry Day Break Out Slide Deck

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