Assessments are a value-added service that:
EMS Representatives
  • benchmark current equipment
    inventory and operating cost

  • identify the organization’s
    document device needs

  • deliver a set of recommendations
    on the optimal mix of equipment

As a first step in determining an organization's device needs and optimal capability, Equipment Management Solutions conducts an assessment. This is a comprehensive study of the inventory, cost and use of output devices within an organization.

An organization's current cost information is based on the number of devices, types of devices, staffing support and the overall usage of each device. These figures are analyzed, averaged and programmed into our automated optimization tool. Assessments result in a proposal/recommendation to optimize the equipment fleet to meet usage levels while simultaneously reducing cost by shifting from an environment of single-function or standalone devices to a business model of shared resources.

Equipment Management Solutions' recommended configuration may reduce the number of devices but the functionality and capacity is increased.

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Advanced Planning for an Assessment

Assessment Scope Plan

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