DLA Document Services is the single agency to provide integrated management of document services  on behalf of the DoD Components per DoDI 5330.03.

Scanning and Conversion

You have documents and records. We have ways to help you manage them. We convert documents and media into electronic images and make them available on local drives, via the internet or CD/DVD. Reach out to a local facility for more information.

Document Services offers scanning and conversion services for all types of documents. Skilled technicians scan documents of any size, from business card size to large format engineering drawings, and convert them to digital format.

Our specialized software offers full text search capabilities, or we can index documents by specific customer requirements, offering quick and accurate access.

Secure storage of your documents is a priority during the conversion process and confidentiality is never compromised.

paper to electronicBenefits of converting paper documents to electronic records include:

  • Reduce physical document storage costs
  • Organize and index documents for easy search/retrieval
  • More efficient information sharing
  • Protection of critical information and disaster recovery
  • Facilitate electronic content & records management

Learn About the Conversion Process