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The DLA Public Affairs Office provides world-class communications support to all aspects of the Defense Logistics Agency. The office helps communicate how the Defense Department’s only combat logistics support agency provides resources to our nation’s men and women serving in the Army, Navy Air Force and Marines, at home and abroad. Public Affairs keeps the public and other government departments and agencies like Interior, Coast Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers, Forestry and Homeland Security up to date on services DLA offers and provides to them. DLA strives to keep its employees and the general public informed on the most current information regarding logistic support worldwide.

The office expresses the value DLA adds to the Department of Defense, combatant commands, the military services and warfighters, and to the American people, using internal and external communication avenues. Read more on DLA's news page and DLA's Facebook page. The office supports the DLA mission through developing and administering proactive command information, as well as developing media relations and public outreach policies that communicate DLA’s critical role as a combat support agency.

DLA Public Affairs supports the DoD goal to provide timely and accurate information so that the public, congress and news media can understand the facts about national security and defense strategy. It also responds to requests for information from organizations and private citizens, as well as serves as the DLA director’s principal spokesperson.

Within DLA, the office serves as a senior public affairs adviser and a member of the personal staff to provide counsel to the organization’s leaders. Supporting the DLA director’s intent through communication integration and alignment is an area of expertise for the office.


DLA Headquarters News

DLA director checks in with Shadow Program alumni
DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, center, and DLA Chief of Staff Kristin French, far right, pose for a photo with DLA Shadow Program participants Jake Boyer, Logistics Operations; Joe Wilburn, DLA Finance; Eura Cherry, DLA General Council; Kathy Dixon, DLA Information Operations; Renee Stone, DLA Acquisition; William Smith, DLA Acquisition; TSgt Jeremy Howard, DLA Human Resources;  Harold Westcott, DLA Logistics Operations; Vicki Hahn, DLA Small Business Office; Matt Hutchens, DLA Information Operations; Dr. Angela Curtis, DLA Human Resources; Juan Torres-Rodriguez, DLA Installation Management; Natalia Li, DLA Finance. Photo by Teodora Mocanu
Nov. 20, 2019 - The Defense Logistics Agency Shadow Program was established in September 2018 to offer high-performing employees the opportunity to follow and observe the DLA Director's activities over a three-day period.

DLA to host holiday-themed events at McNamara Headquarters Complex
DLA will host several holiday events including the third annual DLA Open House, door decorating contest, and will co-host the HQC Tree Lighting Ceremony.
Nov. 18, 2019 - DLA helps kick off the holiday season with several events including the annual door decorating contest, open house and tree lighting ceremony.

Nominations, adoptions open for Adopt-a-Family Program
McNamara Headquarters Complex employees can spread their Christmas cheer and goodwill with fellow employees through the annual Adopt-a-Family Program.
Nov. 15, 2019 - McNamara Headquarters Complex employees can spread their Christmas cheer and goodwill with fellow employees through the annual Adopt-a-Family Program.

DLA standardizing interagency buy, sell processes with G-Invoicing 
DLA is moving to the new web-based Government Invoicing platform in two phases, with intragovernmental agreements scheduled to be in place by September 2020 and full implementation in the agency’s online Enterprise Business System by June 2021.
Nov. 14, 2019 - DLA is ahead of other defense agencies in implementing mandatory changes to the way federal organizations buy and sell goods or services to one another, a Defense Department official told managers of DLA’s intragovernmental support agreements.