Working with DLA Public Affairs

It’s snowing! It’s flooding! The wind has knocked out the power! How do I find out if the Headquarters Complex is open for business?

During inclement weather or other emergencies that might cause the Headquarters Complex to close, you can get operating status information from a banner at the top of the homepage of the DLA public website or reference the headquarters operating status page. The DLA Facebook page and DLA Twitter page carry information on reporting times and status, too. If you’re away from your computer, smartphone or smart pad, you can call the DLA HQC hotline at 703-767-6300.

During emergencies, OPM and DLA use the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment System to account for federal employees. FEPAAS lets employees and managers check-in from anywhere in the world during an emergency – like the large storms of 2012.

DLA employees can take FEPASS training and update emergency contact information on the site. Supervisors can use the system to view employee contact information and make sure their employees are safe and well situated during crisis situations. Access the FEPASS website.

A reporter just called! What do I do?

DLA Public Affairs are the only authorized spokespersons for DLA. Their job is to talk to media on behalf of the agency.  If you or one of your colleagues is contacted by any member of the news media – no matter what type of relationship you have with them – print, radio, TV, even armed forces stations and publications such as The Belvoir Eagle, either forward the query to or tell the reporter to contact our main desk at 571-767-6200.

I have this great idea for a news story. What now?

Our writers are always on the lookout for a good story. To submit your idea, call 571-767-6200 and mention you have a story idea, or email your idea to It’s not necessary to write the story yourself. In fact, we prefer to do the interviews and writing in the office so that we can deal immediately with format and security issues.

I want to make a video. Who do I call?

DLA Public Affairs provides everything from documentaries to informational videos to 30-second commercials. However, the video team doesn't do personal events like retirement ceremonies, birthdays or anniversaries – the only exception is when the event is sponsored by the DLA director. They also do not generally gather historical footage for record keeping purposes, though for very special occurrences that may be considered. All video team products are Section 508 compliant. If you have an official video request, contact or 571-767-6200.

Does DLA have a Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Flickr/Wiki page?

The office manages several social media platforms for DLA in the complex social media environment. The major ones are:


To suggest content for use on the sites, you can email or call 571-767-6200.

I was asked to give a speech representing DLA. Do I need to tell someone?

Working with the DLA Intelligence Office (Information Security), the public affairs office clears content for public release. That content includes speeches given to outside audiences, books, articles, presentations, videos - anything containing Defense Department and DLA references. Email the item to or call 571-767-6200. It takes 10 days to clear information for public release, so please get it to us as far in advance as possible.

I have this neat idea for a poster/trifold/fact sheet/any product that uses the DLA “logo.” I can use it any way I want, right?

No, not really. The DLA crest is an official military insignia and comes with a set of requirements and operating instructions, as all military emblems do. It is not a "logo," but a historic and official military symbol. Public Affairs approves the use of the DLA emblem on any and all mediums. See “Use of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Emblem and Associated Visual and Graphic Products,” DLAI-5202, and the DLA Style Guide, DLAM-5202, for additional information.