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Employees required to abide by Hatch Act
All federal employees are prohibited by law from using their positions to advocate for or against any candidate for political office. Graphic by Paul Crank.
Aug. 15, 2018 - With the election season now in full swing, it’s important that DLA employees be aware of rules that apply to them under the provisions of the Hatch Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 7323, which limits political activities of all federal employees.

DLA General Counsel Coyne retires after 38 years with DoD
DLA Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams (far left) and former DLA directors Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek (second from right) and Vice Adm. Alan Thompson (far right), present DLA General Counsel James Coyne an honorary DLA flag during his retirement ceremony Aug. 10 at the McNamara Headquarters Complex, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Photo by Teodora Mocanu.
Aug. 14, 2018 - DLA General Counsel James M. Coyne retired after a 38-year career with the Department of Defense in a ceremony at the McNamara Headquarters Complex Aug. 10.

DLA optimizes installation management
Having an installation management lead in place allows that individual to make sure policies and procedures are being executed properly and flowing through the chain of command.
Aug. 13, 2018 - In early summer 2018, Defense Logistics Agency Director Army Lt. Gen. Darrell Williams rescinded a March 2017 change that separated DLA Installation Management and Installation Operations into distinct entities. The decision to “re-merge” the two offices to maintain the synergy, effectiveness and efficiency of having one Installation Management organization became effective August 6.

DLA working group names areas for potential use of artificial intel to boost efficiency
Artificial intelligence and machine learning could be used to boost efficiencies in various DLA processes, a working group from DLA's Analytics Center of Excellence recently found. (Graphic courtesy U.S. Army)
Aug. 10, 2018 - A team from the Defense Logistics Agency’s Analytics Center of Excellence at a recent workshop identified more than two dozen DLA processes to which artificial intelligence and machine learning could someday bring greater efficiency and lower risk — in line with goals set in the DLA Strategic Plan.

Newsletter offers latest DLA R&D news
The latest R&D news from DLA is a click away, in The Innovator newsletter. (Graphic by Paul Crank)
Aug. 10, 2018 - The July-August issue of The Innovator newsletter is now available, with articles and information on DLA Research and Development projects, updates and upcoming events and activities.

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