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March 15, 2021

Pi Day event continues despite pandemic

While there may be fewer people working in the Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center these days some still took time to observe a sweet tradition for Pi Day 2021.

March 15, 2021

Norfolk-based materials examiner honored

Longtime contractor Robert Montgomery earned his first Employee of the Quarter recognition after just a year as a DOD federal civilian employee.

March 14, 2021

Women's History Month Spotlight: Shontavia Ortega

Get to know Shontavia Ortega, property disposal specialist in the Pathway to Career Excellence Program.

March 11, 2021

Vaccination opportunities surging for DLA employees

Agency employees at sites around the world are finding ways to get inoculated and help limit the year-long pandemic’s reach.

March 11, 2021

National Reading Month: Start with Why

“Start with Why,” by Simon Sinek, was rated the “bestselling leadership book” in 2018 and can still be effective in motivating today.

March 10, 2021

New nationwide DOD surplus personal property sales contracts tentatively awarded

Commercial firm Iron Planet is set to become the sole resale source for all military surplus personal property in the U.S. and its territories, pending review and final contract award.

March 9, 2021

Historic vehicle finds new home

Alabama residents and tourists will enjoy a piece of World War II history that left an Army historical program for a new home.

March 8, 2021

Women's History Month Spotlight: Danielle Woods

Get to know Danielle Woods, property disposal specialist, with environmental duties in the Pathway to Career Excellence Program.

March 3, 2021

Excess oil to support South Carolina forestry equipment

More than 800 gallons of excess hydraulic oil no longer needed at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, will now help sustain equipment used by the South Carolina Forestry Commission to fight fires.

March 2, 2021

National Reading Month: A look into humanitarian logistics

I chose to read “Humanitarian Logistics” because the theme directly relates to the mission of the Defense Logistics Agency. Our organization offers support to both domestic emergencies and disasters abroad. We have responded to the current pandemic, earthquakes and humanitarian crises.

March 1, 2021

Leadership Spotlight: Tina Maier

Get to know Tina Maier, DLA Disposition Services Europe & Africa Regional director.

Feb. 27, 2021

Gimcheon ops chief honored

Pat Leverett was named DLA Disposition Services Employee of the Quarter for his outstanding contributions in South Korea at the start of fiscal 2021.

Feb. 26, 2021

DLA Disposition Services Black History month program

The Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services joins the nation in celebrating National African American / Black History month.

Feb. 25, 2021

Barstow site lead honored for 1st quarter performance

Heath Buswell was recently named DLA Disposition Services Employee of the Quarter.

Feb. 23, 2021

Fort Meade disposal specialist recalls protective suit transfer to FEMA

Angela Sakryd helped transfer 40,000 excess protective suits from DTRA to FEMA.