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News | Jan. 23, 2018

DLA Land and Maritime mentees set to graduate, new programs starting soon

By Brenda Minnema People and Culture

The 2017/2018 mentoring program will host graduation ceremonies on Feb. 28.

There are two Level I mentoring programs for associates below GS/WG-9 grade levels. One is located at DSCC and the other is a virtual program for detachments.

The DSCC ceremony will take place at 10 a.m. in the Bldg. 20 auditorium honoring more than 30 mentees along with their mentors.

The Virtual Mentoring class will hold its virtual graduation at 3 p.m.

The Level I programs are wrapping up a year of developing mentoring/protégé relationships and improving their own personal and professional skills. Through these mentoring programs, mentors have guided mentees in completing self-development modules, special projects and other professional activities to enhance knowledge and skills.

If you’re interested in the mentoring program, view the MOTD and Command Daily Announcements starting on Feb. 1.


Level I- Local and Virtual Mentoring Programs

  • Below GS/WG-9 Grade Levels
  • Voluntary
  • 1-year commitment
  • Self-Development
  • Career Development Plan
  • Situational Mentoring


Level II- Mentoring Program for Leaders

  • GS-9 through 12 (or equivalent)
  • Voluntary
  • 9-month commitment
  • Leadership Competency Development
  • Mentoring Action Plan (MAP)
  • Mentoring Agreement

January (started)

Level III- Advanced Mentoring Program for Leaders

  • GS-13 and 14
  • Competitive
  • 2-year commitment
  • Leadership Competency Development
  • Mentoring Action Plan (MAP)