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News | Feb. 21, 2018

DLA Aviation commander visits Troop Support

By John Dwyer III DLA Troop Support

The commander of the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation made her first visit to DLA Troop Support in Philadelphia Feb. 12.

Air Force Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry received an overview about Troop Support’s operations and briefings from the major subordinate command’s five supply chains.

Hurry spent much of her time at Troop Support with Industrial Hardware leadership, which procures repair parts for DLA Aviation customers.

“This is a two-way conversation for both of our teams,” Industrial Hardware Director Air Force Col. Adrian Crowley said. “If we can better understand how we’re strong and how we’re not, where we can work together and play to both teams’ strengths … that would go a long way.”

One such conversation was regarding IH’s prioritization of effort in their support of Aviation.

“We prioritize not based on materiel availability and purchase order metrics,” Crowley said. “We focus on what is impacting the warfighter first. And that means we are constantly re-prioritizing our workload.”

Crowley shared IH’s successes with long term contracting programs, recently met and ongoing challenges with military repair depots, and competing priorities within and between military services.

IH leaders also shared insight related to Commercial and Government Entity, or CAGE, fraud. CAGE hopping or jacking involves vendors providing either products that don’t conform to contract requirements, or no products at all. It effects both MSCs, and in turn the warfighter.

“I know you’re feeling it too with [DLA Aviation],” Crowley said. “Suspect CAGE activity has huge impacts for us. ... It ties up not only our inventory at the depots and the workforce that’s doing it, but it ultimately degrades our support to you.”

Concluding the informational presentations and discussions on potential ways ahead, Hurry summed up the purpose of her visit.

“We have to be in this together,” Hurry said. “We’re all here to support the warfighter. It doesn’t really matter which part of the DLA badge we happen to have.”