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News | Sept. 12, 2018

How to find out about changes in DSCR operating status and new telework procedures during inclement weather, other emergencies

DLA Aviation Public Affairs

There are several ways Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, employees can find out about changes in the installation’s operating status during winter weather and other emergencies. If there are any changes in operating status during inclement weather (i.e. delayed openings, closures), the home page of the DLA Aviation public website will display a change in operating status. Employees can also call the DSCR Information/Hazardous Weather Hotline at (804) 279-3599 or 1-888-3-CLOSED (1-888-325-6733). 


Richmond area television stations (WTVR 6, WRIC 8 and WWBT 12) also run installation delays or closure announcements both on-air and on their web pages.


Employees can be notified of changes in DSCR operating status on their mobile or home numbers, text or personal email by signing up for the AtHoc computer-based emergency notification system. To make sure personal information is up-to-date, log into AtHoc, which can be found on each employees desktop applications or by clicking on the “show hidden icons” bar on the bottom of your computer screen. Once AtHoc opens, click on “Access Self Service” to review and/or update email addresses and contact numbers.


Emergency Notification Guide outlines all of the methods listed above to remain aware of changes to the installation’s operational status. 


New Guidance and Policies regarding paid leave and telework during natural disasters and other emergencies:


This year, the Office of Personnel Management issued new regulations under the Administrative Leave Act of 2016, which include a new category of administrative leave named “weather and safety leave.”  According to a memorandum sent from Human Resources to all DLA Aviation and other DLA employees on Defense Supply Center Richmond Weather and Safety Leave is paid leave that is granted when employees are prevented from safely traveling to and performing work at a location approved by the agency due to severe weather or similar incidents.


The new regulations also put into effect new policy regarding the enterprise telework program, which addresses pre-approved scheduled leave when the base closes for inclement weather and other emergencies.


Based on the new guidance, all telework-ready DLA employees will be expected to telework their regularly scheduled workday if the operating status changes to closed (or red), typically for inclement weather.


Previously, only those DLA employees who were already scheduled to telework on a ‘red day’ had to do so. Other telework-ready employees had the option to telework under such circumstances but were not required to do so. This means telework-ready employees will no longer be granted excused absence (i.e., administrative leave) on inclement weather days. Such employees will still have the option of choosing to take annual leave or other authorized paid time off rather than telework on such days.


The new guidance also states “telework-ready” means an employee must have a current telework agreement (either regular and recurring or situational), have the necessary equipment and connectivity in place to perform assigned duties, and have sufficient productive work available to fill the time involved.


For more information, refer to the memorandum sent via email to employees titled Implementation of Weather & Safety Leave Regulations for DLA - Impact to Telework & Excused Absences well as Directive-Type Memorandum 18-006 – Weather and Safety Leave and  DLA Guidance on Dismissal and Closure Procedures.