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News | June 4, 2021

DLA now the sole provider for printing AND office devices in DOD

By J6 Communications Defense Logistics Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency, already the designated sole provider of Department of Defense printing services, expanded its mission to include office print devices. In a directive signed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment last month, DLA will now procure, deliver and sustain all office devices for DOD. This includes office, desktop and stand-alone printers. It also includes copiers, fax machines, scanners and multi-function devices.

DLA’s office device program has been growing for years and already supports many DOD customers, including the Department of the Navy. The program is aimed at leasing networked MFDs – devices that print, scan and fax all in one.

“Using our cumulative DOD-wide savings data, we estimated the current DOD requirements and calculated we could potentially save the department, and ultimately the taxpayer, $247 million annually  if we transitioned all DOD office printers under DLA,” said Terra Nguyen, the division director for DLA’s office device program.

Customer relations specialists are located across the globe to help customers with these services. They assess what devices a customer needs and recommend configurations that will meet their equipment requirements. This eliminates redundant equipment and shifts from a single-function or standalone environment to a business model of shared resources with MFDs.

CRSs are also available to discuss printing and order options via  Data Services Online. DLA’s print facilities provide scanning and conversion as well as high quality, low-cost printing for anything from training manuals, brochures, and programs to banners, stickers, and signs. Ask a CRS for more details.