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News | July 22, 2021

DSCC plants saplings at MWR Sports Park

By Nicole Goicochea DLA Installation Management Columbus Environmental Division Chief

The Defense Supply Center Columbus Installation Management Team planted 50 tree saplings at the DSCC MWR Sports Park this summer. The saplings were donated through an Urban Tree Project partnership in consult with the City of Columbus and the Urban Tree Master Plan Project to identify sites for potential tree plantings and expand the city’s existing tree canopy.

The donated saplings were native hardy species selected for the site’s conditions including silver maple, honey locust, white pine, swamp white oak, hackberry, walnut and boxelder varieties. They will provide much needed shade and beautification as they mature and serve as a wind break for nearby structures.  

The DSCC environmental team said using seven species will create diversification to prevent the plantings from being wiped out by future disease or pests. Diversification also allows the plantings to serve as an ecosystem that can support more beneficial insects and birds.  The saplings were planted in groups of three to be not only aesthetically pleasing but to increase survival rates. 

The non-profit Urban Tree Project along with DSCC Facilities personnel will continue to watch over the saplings for one year, after which they should thrive on their own. DSCC hopes to continue to partner with Urban Tree Project on future projects.