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News | Jan. 30, 2023

DLA Energy employees earn agency recognition awards

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs

Recognized for their exceptional leadership and hard work, eight Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees were selected for the agency’s 55th Annual Employee Recognition Awards for the calendar year 2022.

The awards ceremony and reception, hosted by DLA Director Navy Vice Adm. Michelle C. Skubic, was held in the McNamara Headquarters Complex auditorium Jan. 26.

“Congratulations to all the winners as well as to those who were submitted for competition!” said DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Jimmy Canlas. “I offer my personal thanks to everyone who was part of the larger team that continues to make us successful day-in and day-out.”

Melissa Rodriguez, DLA Energy Americas West: Ten Outstanding DLA Person of the Year for Category B

Quality Assurance Representative Rodriguez’s support of Task Force Americas Hurricane Ida response efforts ensured the proper accounting of all fuel handled by the Federal Emergency Management Agency-DLA Energy contingency fuels contractor and the successful auditable conclusion to the mission. Her excellent tracking of two Mission Assignments totaling $6.05 million supporting four Incident Support Bases at England Air Park, Broussard, and Sherwood Forest in Louisiana and Meridian, Mississippi, helped resolve any discrepancies between the bills of lading, orders, and receipts. In addition, Rodriguez was an instrumental element in several interagency exercises and command projects including FEMA Readiness Drill Eagle Rising, U.S. Army Reserve Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise 2022 and a public affairs video project.

Michael Maclean, DLA Energy International Agreements: Level 1 (Non-Supervisory Employees) DLA Leader of the Year Award

Maclean is responsible for negotiating, concluding, and maintaining bilateral military to military international agreements for the receipt, storage, distribution, and quality control of DLA-owned fuel managed within foreign military infrastructure, and for the reciprocal sale and purchase of fuel between the U.S. and foreign militaries. The DLA Energy International Agreement Program is valued between $500-$750 million annually and supports 43 long term fuel agreements/45 short term Acquisition and Cross Servicing Orders around the world. Maclean’s technical and interpersonal skills directly support the global advancement of U.S. DoD strategic and U.S. military operational objectives. His leadership guided the 2nd round of Government Accountability Office inquiries on the Saudi Led Coalition and use of ACSA for inflight refueling support to the Royal Saudi Air Force and their allied nation Air Forces during the war with Yemen; directed the National Defense Authorization Act quarterly ACSA reporting to Congress; advised the 1st Theater Sustainment Command and NATO Support and Procurement Agency on fuel inventory plans during a high intensity evacuation of NATO Forces; and serves as the Subject Matter Expert for NATO fuels in Afghanistan.

Walter Hegan, DLA Energy Europe and Africa: DLA Employee of the Quarter Category B

Among his many accomplishments, Hegan was recognized for his efforts leading the Joint Operations Center for DLA Energy Europe and Africa during the Ukraine crisis; validating immediate fuel requirements for five critical locations across the area of responsibility; and delivering 5.4 million gallons for a U.S. and NATO unified response during the third quarter of fiscal 2022. He developed fuel concepts of support for six major exercises in Europe and Africa and examined feasibility of existing fuel supply chain and synchronized customer and vendor capabilities. Always willing to share his experiences and knowledge, Hegan developed roadshow/training briefings; established a training program for joint operations officers; and helped integrate new DLA Energy augmentees to the region conducting fuel operations familiarization and training.

Air Force Capt. Ioan Gaitan, DLA Energy Korea: Service Member of the Year in the Company Grade Officer category

Gaitan serves as chief of Joint Plans and Operations in the DLA Energy Korea office leading a 21-person team composed of Army, Air Force, U.S. civilians and Korean employees. He led a 14-hour emergency Class III Bulk delivery for two installations near the Demilitarized Zone when the contractor experienced supply chain capability gaps, leveraging the host nation strategic stocks to resupply Special Operation Forces in Korea when the sole AVGAS supplier was disbarred. He was handpicked as Battle Captain leading an operations team during three Joint Chiefs of Staff training events. Lastly, he was selected by the Defense Language Institute to participate in a seven-day test development board. His contributions accelerated the release of next generation examinations, strategically important to the current situation in Eastern Europe.

DLA Energy’s Contracting Team – Fuel Redistribution Resulting from Permanent Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility Closure: Small Team, consisting of 25 members or less, award

The DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services contracting team, made up of Shane Banks, Shedric Crump, Bruce DeSoto, Micherie Dougherty, Kirk Gamblin, Ki Mun, and Richard Rines, provided unparalleled support during the four major procurement actions associated with the fuel redistribution resulting from the permanent Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility closure. This small team demonstrated service before self, warfighter always, and the strategic importance of modernizing acquisition by simultaneously executing four critical response actions, ultimately saving $2.9M while cutting award time by 64%.

DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce and Development Team: Acquisition Support Professional of the Year (Team Award)

The DLA Energy Acquisition Workforce Development Team, consisting of Andrew Berger, Laceenis Fordham, Rosilyn Gerald, Charles Hudson, Ashleigh Johnson, Ditu Kasuyi, Randy Kelley, Imani Mitchell, Marybeth Sandman, and Robert Scott, led the charge of creating and demonstrating innovative thinking for recruitment, retention and participation efforts. Due to the team’s hard work, DLA Energy was the first major subordinate command within DLA to utilize, implement and sustain the DOD College Acquisition Internship Program. After its inaugural participation, DLA Energy saw a 33% growth in the number of participating offices and 40% growth in the program participant cohort. The team worked closely with historically black colleges and universities to establish strong relationships helping students learn about DLA opportunities. They have held numerous virtual events including symposiums, special awareness programs, and honors events to engage and connect DLA Energy's workforce across the globe.

DLA Energy Direct Delivery FEPC Team: Acquisition Workforce Achievement (Team Award)

DLA Energy FEPC Team was instrumental in providing customer direct support to the forces operating in numerous locations throughout Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, and Romania. Faced with short-notice, rapidly evolving requirements, the team was able to successfully award numerous contracts in a short period of time ensuring an uninterrupted supply of diesel fuel, gasoline, jet fuel to the region. The team processed and awarded emergency fuel contracts to supply over 6.2 million gallons of diesel and jet fuel valued at approximately $18.1 million. Congratulations to the following personnel for their accomplishments; David Andrews, Clifton Broughton, Stephanie Koessel, Orlando Merritt, Norman Mitchell, and Mark Palombo, Robert Simms, Tonya Sterling, and Bryan Sveum.

Shane Banks, DLA Energy Bulk Petroleum Supply Chain Services: Acquisition Workforce Achievement (Individual Award)

Banks serves as a Supervisory Contracting Officer responsible for the Agency's fuel storage solutions for its' overseas Contractor Owned, Contractor Operated Defense Fuel Service Points. Following the immediate cessation of fuel services at Red Hill Underground Storage Facility, DLA Energy needed to contract for a minimum of 12.6 million gallons of storage capacity to provide intermediate terminal service to Hickam Air Force Base in Oahu, Hawaii. Due to the urgent and compelling need, the acquisition timeline was reduced from 180 days to 60 days to have a contract awarded. For eight continuous weeks, including seven weekends, and two Federal Holidays, Banks coordinated with stakeholders to bring this acquisition to fruition, on time and at the best value.

The 55th Annual Employee Recognition Awards included 57 employees and teams in 14 categories from across the agency who earned awards in various enterprise-wide categories.

Learn about all of the winners in this DLA news story. Watch the video recording of the ceremony on DLA Facebook page.