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News | Aug. 20, 2015

San Joaquin engages in healthy competition for audit readiness

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Employees of DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s Freight Terminal incorporated audit preparedness into a recent stand-up morning meeting by playing Audit Readiness Jeopardy. Three teams competed against each other to be crowned as the Audit Readiness Jeopardy champions.

San Joaquin’s former Audit Readiness program manager Air Force Maj. Patrick Carpizo originally developed the audit readiness-themed game, which resembles the popular television series “Jeopardy.”

“I took the opportunity to incorporate audit readiness information into a Jeopardy game during the leadership forum to ensure all had fun during my last interaction with the leaders of our organization,” said Carpizo. “This game creates healthy competition and teamwork throughout the organization while retaining important audit readiness information.”

The game’s format consisted of six categories, all relating directly to audit readiness: Audit Readiness Acronyms, Job Breakdown Sheet Symbols, Compliance, Audit Readiness Advocates, Audit Readiness Improvement Plan, and Potpourri.

According to the Freight Terminal branch chief Henry Martin, the competition was well received by employees, who had a great time working together while retaining invaluable audit readiness information.

“This game took off like a wild fire and has been incorporated into the various divisions across the installation, providing deliberate audit readiness information in preparation for our upcoming 2016 Independent Public Accountant Audit,” said Martin.