DLA Troop Support provides a taste of home for service members away for the holiday

By Alexandria Brimage-Gray DLA Troop Support Public Affairs


Service members deployed overseas, as well as those serving at the United States’ southern border, get to experience a taste of home on Thanksgiving Day due to the efforts of Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support employees.

“America’s military men and women continually make sacrifices to secure our freedom,” said Army Brig. Gen.  Mark Simerly, DLA Troop Support commander.  “It is our duty to show our gratitude by providing them the very best Thanksgiving meal our country has to offer.”

This year’s feast included: 9,738 whole turkeys; 51,234 pounds of roasted turkey; 74,036 pounds of beef; 21,758 pounds of ham; 16,284 pounds of sweet potatoes; 67,860 pounds of shrimp; 81,360 pies; 19,284 pounds of cake and 7,836 gallons of eggnog along with many other holiday treats.  

According to DLA Troop Support Subsistence officials, more than 270 dining facilities served the traditional holiday fare on Thanksgiving Day due largely to DLA’s early planning, which began in May.

“The Troop Support Subsistence team is a dedicated group of employees who take pride in ensuring that deployed service members can experience an enjoyable holiday meal each Thanksgiving,” Rich Faso, Subsistence deputy director said.