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RPPOB: Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow

DoD Manual 4140.01 (PDF) Volume 9 allows contractors to buy or borrow part-numbered items to reverse engineer at their own expense. Contractors interested in the Reverse Engineering Program can submit their Reverse Engineering Request  and we will get back to you in a timely manner.

For repeat customers, please refer to the Resources below to access the Part Catalog and any service you need.

The contractor will physically examine the item; produce drawings and specifications through technical analysis performed during the reverse engineering process, and provide same for review. The contractor and the Government agree when the borrowed part will be returned or a Source Approval Request (SAR) package will be provided to the Government.

Domestic business concerns may purchase, borrow, or view replenishment parts for the following purposes:

  • Design replication, product improvement or modification, and alternate sourcing through product identification or reverse engineering practices;
  • Development of data packages required to obtain approval to sell like parts to the government; and,
  • Enhancement of competition with resultant cost reduction by obtaining alternative sources of supply and manufacturing.

NOTE: The Online Parts Catalog linked below has been upgraded to a dynamic database search. See the new database by clicking the hyperlink to search for items based on NSN, FSC, NIIN, Part Number, CAGE, Name, Platform, or Service. For questions or issues concerning this change, email us at:

DLA Aviation RPPOB Parts Catalog to find information on DLA Aviation's Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow (RPPOB). The items in the that have a minimum of $40,000 annual demand are on public display at DLA Aviation in Richmond, VA. Breakdowns of each sole source item are shown in the Parts Catalog Spreadsheet (.xlsx file) . Display room staff can show contractors how to view the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) and other computer systems that allow them to see annual demand and other helpful information. Please see our RPPOB Aviation Industrial Supply Day Conference - Display Supplier Brief (PDF). Training module for DIBBS cFoldersAccessing Technical Data through DIBBS - cFolders (PDF).

The following general guidelines are provided to assist in developing a data package. Additional information on reverse engineering is contained in MIL-HDBK-115, U.S. Army Reverse Engineering Handbook. For Reverse Engineering, also see the associated Advanced Engineering Data Guidance. This is used in conjunction with the Aviation SAM (Source Approval and Management) Handbook .

Federal Stock Classes (FSCs) managed by DLA Aviation: These can be determined by visiting Federal Supply Class Assignments (PDF) or Federal Supply Group / Federal Supply Class Search .

For questions concerning our Replenishment Parts Purchase Or Borrow Program email us at, call 804.279.3550, or FAX 804.279.6409.

Note: The RPPOB Program generally provides for both Sales and Loans of parts. However, electronic parts, ball/roller bearings, seals and rubber products may NOT be loaned out.  In order for a contractor to purchase or borrow a part they must be registered in AMPS. Use the following link to register: AMPS Pre-Approval Instruction. To become a new supply source, see the fact sheet New Source Contract Step-by-Step.