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Use the module below, including the search function provided, to find information on DLA Aviation's Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow (RPPOB). The items in this Parts Catalog that have a minimum of $40,000 annual demand are on public display at DLA Aviation in Richmond, VA. 

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Additional images and information are available for a specific part by clicking the magnifying glass or the item's NSN number. Once there, click the Back Arrow to return.

DLA Aviation RPPOB Parts Catalog – Last Update 06/06/2024


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View NSN Part Number CAGE Name Cover Photo
5365-00-442-4374 31-10080 05228 PLUG, MACHINE THREAD Cover Photo
1650-00-496-2092 21937-3 04638 BACKUP, FEEDBACK CYCLINDER Cover Photo
1680-01-016-1264 28952 04638 SWIVEL, ASSEMBLY, CONNECTOR Cover Photo
4010-01-086-7982 31026-2 04638 WIRE ROPE ASSEMBLY, SINGLE LEG Cover Photo
1660-00-022-5101 904170-2 04577 PARTS KIT, CONVERTER Cover Photo
6685-01-396-0898 10422G01H00 00ZP1 GAGE, PRESSURE, DIAL Cover Photo
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