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Use the module below, including the search function provided, to find information on DLA Aviation's Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow (RPPOB). The items in this Parts Catalog that have a minimum of $40,000 annual demand are on public display at DLA Aviation in Richmond, VA. 

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Additional images and information are available for a specific part by clicking the magnifying glass or the item's NSN number. Once there, click the Back Arrow to return.

DLA Aviation RPPOB Parts Catalog – Last Update 07/11/2024


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View NSN Part Number CAGE Name Cover Photo
5365-01-583-8045 LSF02186-001 1K9E4 BUSHING, ECCENTRIC Cover Photo
5585-00-810-6047 104400G01P00 58985 GAGE, DIFFERENTIAL Cover Photo
5855-01-569-7751 1817010-T 0B5K8 ONE AND THREE HOLE Cover Photo
5865-00-861-8928 RC31095 48ZY0 ROLLER AND SHAFT ASSEMBLY Cover Photo
5895-01-436-3367 RF-5930-CA002 14304 CASE, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS Cover Photo
5895-01-467-7784 DA-00E-100 0ENJ2 CONTROL-POWER SUPPLY GROUP Cover Photo
5895-01-474-3750 10208-0002-07 14304 PARTS KIT, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT Cover Photo
5895-01-528-1514 7020-20037-01 7BUL6 INTERCONNECTING BOX Cover Photo
5975-01-616-9616 AX0685-3224-SP 5V049 ADPTER, ELECTRICAL Cover Photo
5975-14-478-8389 44036534 23386 BOX CONNECTOR, ELECTRICAL Cover Photo
5985- 01-413-0924 07-50001-8105 97896 ANTENNA Cover Photo
5995-00-018-3858 961-0034 0D9X5 INDICATOR ASSEMBLY, OFF WARNING Cover Photo
5995-01-156-9063 1583-8215-57 66544 CABLE ASSEMBLY, RT - 46" LENGTH Cover Photo
5995-01-463-0973 422952-801 4K0V2 CABLE ASSEMBLY, SPECIAL PURPOSE Cover Photo
5995-01-497-2622 13334-L8 52196 CABLE ASSEMBLY, POWER, ELECTRICAL Cover Photo
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