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Use the module below, including the search function provided, to find information on DLA Aviation's Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow (RPPOB). The items in this Parts Catalog that have a minimum of $40,000 annual demand are on public display at DLA Aviation in Richmond, VA. 

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Additional images and information are available for a specific part by clicking the magnifying glass or the item's NSN number. Once there, click the Back Arrow to return.

DLA Aviation RPPOB Parts Catalog – Last Update 08/12/2022


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NSN Part Number CAGE Name Cover Photo
6610-00-281-9516 123-538 0D9X5 PROBE, DETECTOR Cover Photo
6610-00-065-8881 123-0064-02 0D9X5 RECORDER ASSEMBLY Cover Photo
1650-01-034-1188 1675C10 REV U 78062 ROD END ASSEMBLY Cover Photo
2995-00-544-5243 244467 0A335 ROD, ACTUATOR Cover Photo
2915-00-728-0038 589571-1 45934 ROD, ADJUSTING, FUEL Cover Photo
1680-01-055-3344 1211178-133 98391 ROD, PISTON Cover Photo
1650-00-373-8868 C5791-23 70236 ROD, PISTON, LINEAR ACTUATOR Cover Photo
5865-00-861-8928 RC31095 48ZY0 ROLLER AND SHAFT ASSEMBLY Cover Photo
4010-01-219-2408 BL-10635-1 0ZBE8 ROPE, WIRE Cover Photo
6620-00-092-0871 8900839G001 97424 ROTOR AND DRIVE GEAR Cover Photo
6620-00-019-8424 9850143G001 1ZK21 SCREW ASSEMBLY JEWEL Cover Photo
2995-00-772-0917 4061761 77445 SEAL, AIR, AIRCRAFT GAS TURBINE ENGINE Cover Photo
1680-01-029-4430 D1859-47 75345 SEAL, CABIN AIR DUCT Cover Photo
5330-00-244-1806 9536743 0B9R9 SEAL, SPECIAL Cover Photo
1650-00-108-9165 0711206-147 98391 SEAT, HYDRAULIC MODULE Cover Photo
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