Preparing for Overseas Employment

DLA Overseas Employee References

Permanent Change of Station (PCS)

PCS travel orders are designed to provide for travel and transportation expenses of an employee and immediate family members, movement and storage of household goods and personal effects, and certain other allowances incident to movement overseas.

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Transportation Agreement

A transportation agreement is a written contract between an employee and an agency. The agreement to pay for expenses, up to a set maximum, for the travel and transportation of the employee and his/her family members, household goods and a car.  For travel purposes, pets are not considered family members.

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Home of Record (HOR)

The home of record is the location at which an employee/selectee resided immediately prior to the appointment/assignment overseas.   It is also referred to as "actual place of residence". The home of record will be determined at the initial selection, appointment, or transfer to an overseas duty location.

The home of record determines the Government's obligation for travel benefits for movement to the overseas location, renewal agreement travel, early return of dependents, and separation from the overseas area.  The Government's obligation for funding of movements is limited from and to the home of record.  The home of record listed on the initial transportation agreement will also be stated on any renewal agreement unless it is determined that an error was made at the execution of the initial agreement as outlined in the Joint Travel Regulations, Chapter 5, Part G.

Return Rights

A Return Rights Agreement is an employment agreement between the employee and the Agency. This agreement allows for the employee's position (or a like position) to be held for their return from the overseas area for a period of five (5) years.

Career and career-conditional employees in the competitive service who are employed in the United States or in a nonforeign area and who accept an assignment in a foreign area or in a nonforeign area different from the one in which they are currently employed shall be granted statutory return rights in accordance with 10 USC 1586 for a period of 5 years if continuously employed in a foreign or nonforeign area. This policy:

  1. Applies whether the employee moves to a position with the same DoD Component or with a different DoD Component.
  2. Applies to both the initial movement and any subsequent movement within the 5-year period (e.g., the employee initially moves to a position with the same DoD Component, and subsequently moves to another foreign area position with a different DoD Component).
  3. Does not apply to employees assigned to nonappropriated fund positions.

DLA Rotation Agreement

A rotation agreement is a written agreement between an agency and an employee who accepts a position in an overseas area but does NOT have return rights to a position in the United States.

DownloadDLA Return Placement Agreement

Advance Pay

A one time temporary loan authorized to cover extrodinary cost of relocating to the overseas area. Amount authorized will not exceed three months of basic salary. Must be repaid from regular paycheck. Interest will not be accessed. Repayments will begin in the paycheck after you receive the advance money. Repayment must be paid in equal installments not to exceed 26 pay cycles. Employee may apply for an advance 30 days before or not later than 60 days after reporting to the new overseas duty location.

Advanced pay is only processed within 30 days of your Entrance on Duty (EOD) date and you should receive payment approximately 2 weeks from submission. Current Non DLA employees or new employees that are going to a DLA positions will be processed upon arrival at new Duty Station.

TO REQUEST ADVANCE PAY: Complete SF-1190 and provide a copy of your PCS travel orders and your most recent leave and earnings statement/SF50. Send your completed forms to

FormsSF-1190 and Instructions

Foreign Transfer Allowance (FTA)

There are four areas of Foreign Transfer Allowance (FTA). All areas of the FTA are non-taxable. These areas include: Subsistence Expense, Miscellaneous Expense, Lease Penalty, and Wardrobe Expense.

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DLA provides a checklist for your use in tracking the completion of necessary forms/processes before you leave and upon arrival in the overseas area.

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See: Information on passports from Travel.State.Gov

Travel Tips

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