Date Estimated Return From Overseas (DEROS)

Definition of DEROS

DEROS is the date an employee is expected to return from overseas.  DEROS is commonly referred to as "tour of duty".  The Department of Defense (DoD) promotes establishment of assignments not to exceed 5 years in the overseas environment.  Prior to final job offer, your DEROS will be established.  DLA supports the DoD rotation policy.  If  an offer of  a position would result in a DEROS that exceeds the DoD 5 year limitation, an approval from the Head of the Agency will be required.

How is DEROS Established?

For an initial assignment/appointment overseas

Your initial DEROS is determined based on your tour of duty (i.e., 12, 18, 24, or 36 months)

If you are already serving overseas (in an appropriated fund position)

The amount of time you have already served in the overseas area will be included in the establishment of your DEROS (i.e., your new position would normally have a 24 month tour of duty but because you have already served 40 months in the overseas area, your new tour would be limited to 20 months so you will not exceed the DoD five year limit for return from the overseas area).

Exceptions to the five year rotation policy

Those serving in excepted service appointments