Early Return Of Dependents

Definition of Early Return of Dependents

Early return of dependents is government funded travel of dependents from the current overseas duty station to the United States (usually the home of record) once the employee completes the prescribed tour of duty or because of unusual circumstances.  Unless authorized by the travel authorizing official and overseas commander based on unusual circumstances, travel orders will not be prepared to return dependents to the United States prior to the employee's completion of tour.

To Request Early Return of Dependents

Please contact for further information and to request Early Return of Dependent travel orders.

How Wil It Affect My Allowances?

The grant for Post Allowance and Living Quarters Allowance must be revised to have the dependents removed based on date of departure from your current duty station. Please submit a completed SF1190 and a copy of the dependents flight itinerary so Post Allowance and Living Quarters Allowance can be revised based on date of departure from country to

What To Do After Receipt of Early Return of Dependents Travel Orders

  1. Go to the local government/official travel office to arrange for airline tickets. You will be required to provide a copy of the travel orders;
  2. Go to the local transportation office to arrange for shipment of household goods (if necessary). You will be required to provide several copies of the travel orders.

Upon Completion of Travel

Complete a travel voucher (DD 1351-2) and submit through Travel Voucher Direct, email or fax 216-367-3422. Include copies of travel orders, airline tickets and taxi/cab fare receipts. Expenses for hotel accommodations and laundry are not authorized. For questions regarding the status of your voucher please call DFAS Travel Customer Service at 1-888-332-7366 Option 1, Option 0, Option 1.