Home Leave

Definition of Home Leave

Home leave is a leave category available to employees who are permanently assigned to an overseas area, were originally recruited for an overseas assignment from the United States (including its territories or possessions), and have completed a one-time requirement of 24 months of continuous service abroad.

How To Get Home Leave

The rate at which you may earn home leave depends on the Department of State's Foreign and Non-Foreign Post Differential (FPD) rate for your permanent overseas area or foreign post.  A link to FPD rates are located below.  The home leave rates are prorated on a monthly basis at:

  • 5 days per 12 months at posts with PD rates of less than 10 percent
  • 10 days per 12 months at posts with PD rates of 10-15 percent
  • 15 days per 12 months at posts with PD rates of 20 percent or higher

There is no limit on how much home leave you can accumulate. When taking another assignment overseas with DLA, home leave that was earned from a previous overseas assignment with another agency may be credited to the your leave account by providing the last LES from your previous overseas assignment and the SF1150 from your prior agency upon transfer to the Human Resources Overseas Team to

When Home Leave May Be Used

In general, you can begin using home leave after you have completed 24 consecutive months in an overseas assignment. Home leave is requested just like regular leave, by submitting a leave application to your supervisor for approval.  You can only use home leave in the United States (U.S.), the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or the territories and possessions of the U.S. Home leave may be used in combination with other leaves of absence, but cannot be used as terminal leave or for a lump-sum payment.  Employees that have previously been assigned OCONUS and is returning OCONUS with a Home Leave balance can only use that Home Leave once they have completed the equivalent of a renewal tour (24, 18, or 12 months).  (5CFR630.606c(2))