Post Differential/Danger Pay

Definition of Post Differential or Danger Pay

Post differential/danger pay are two separate entitlements (taxable compensation) provided in addition to regular salary for employees permanently and temporarily assigned to certain overseas areas, which have been declared a "hostile area" by the Department of State.  

Who is Eligible to Receive Post Differential or Danger Pay

1.  All permanently assigned personnel who were originally recruited from the United States for employment overseas in an area which has been declared "hostile".  Post Differential/Danger Pay entitlements are authorized upon arrival in the overseas location.  Locally hired employees are not usually eligible for this allowance.

2.  Those who are temporarily assigned via Temporary Duty Travel (TDY) from the United States or another country. Danger pay is authorized upon arrival in the overseas location (if in country for four or more hours). Post Differential is only authorized starting on day 43 of deployment (not retroactive to the first day in country) (Exception: Footnote N Locations per Department of State ).

To Request Post Differential or Danger Pay

To request Post Differential/Danger Pay, complete and provide SF-1190. Provide completed form to Those on TDY should send a copy of TDY orders, along with completed SF-1190 and SF-1190 Addendum. Provide completed documents to

How Long Will It Take to Receive Post Differential or Danger Pay

It will take approximately four weeks to receive the funds after your request has been received.  The payment will be included in your normal bi-weekly paycheck.