Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT)

Definition of Renewal Agreement Travel

Renewal Agreement Travel is round-trip travel from the overseas duty station to the United States. Authorization is based upon the employee's agreement to remain in the overseas area for an additional time frame immediately following the expiration of the initial tour. Employee must renegotiate a transportation agreement.  A dependent may travel unaccompanied, but cannot perform round-trip travel under renewal-agreement authority if the civilian employee does not, at some point, perform authorized RAT. An unaccompanied dependent must not be authorized to start RAT beyond six months after the date the civilian employee begins travel. Travel expenses for airfare are limited to cost of travel from overseas duty location to your home of record. Travel to destinations other than your home of record can be authorized. You may request shipment of household goods (must be owned by the employee or immediate family members) from the United States to the overseas duty location. After serving four consecutive years in the overseas area, you may request the shipment of a replacement vehicle.

How Will It Affect My Allowances?

Post Allowance and Post Differential, if applicable, will be terminated upon departure from the overseas duty location and will resume upon arrival back in the overseas area.

Please submit a completed SF1190 and a copy of your and your dependents' flight itinerary so Post Allowance and Post Differential, if applicable, can be modified based on dates of departure/arrival in country to

Determining Renewal Agreement Travel Eligibility

To determine your eligibility for renewal agreement travel, click on the eligibility link below.

Link: Eligibility

To Request Renewal Agreement Travel

Please contact for further information and to request Renewal Agreement Travel orders.

What To Do After You Receive Renewal Agreement Travel Orders

  1. Go to your nearest government/official travel office to make flight arrangements;
  2. Go to your nearest transportation office if you are planning to ship household goods or a replacement vehicle.

Upon Completion of Travel

Complete a travel voucher (DD 1351-2) and submit through Travel Voucher Direct, email or fax 216-367-3422. Include copies of travel orders, airline tickets and taxi/cab fare receipts. Expenses for hotel accommodations and laundry are not authorized. For questions regarding the status of your voucher, please call DFAS Travel Customer Service at 1-888-332-7366 Option 1, Option 0, Option 1.