Student Education Travel

Definition of Student Educational Travel

Student Educational Travel allows for payment of a child’s travel expenses between school and the employee’s foreign post of assignment once each way annually for secondary or post-secondary education.  Student Educational Travel may also be at the post-baccalaureate level as long as the child is under 23 and resides with the employee at post (unless the post is unaccompanied).  Student Educational Travel is authorized only to those employees who are eligible for quarters allowances, and travel may be to or from an accredited school in or outside the United States.  Authorized travel expenses also include shipment or storage of up to 350 pounds of unaccompanied baggage.

How Will It Affect My Allowances

The grant for Post Allowance must be revised to have the child removed during the periods the child is away from the post attending school, however no revision is required for the Living Quarters Allowance. Please submit a completed SF1190 and a copy of the dependent’s flight itinerary so Post Allowance can be modified based on dates of departure/arrival in country to

How Frequently May Travel Occur?

One round trip travel may be authorized annually. The annual calendar will begin on the initial date of travel from either the foreign post or the school. This date will be considered the anniversary date for all future 12-month periods. Round trips or portions of round trips not taken in each 12-month period cannot be carried forward to a subsequent period.

To Request Student Educational Travel

Please contact for further information and to request Student Education Travel orders.

After Receipt of Educational Travel Orders

Contact the local government/official travel office to arrange for airline tickets. You will be required to provide a copy of the travel orders.

You may also contact the local transportation office to arrange for shipment of unaccompanied baggage. You will be required to provide copies of the travel orders.

Upon Completion of Travel

Complete a travel voucher (DD 1351-2) and submit through Travel Voucher Direct, email, or fax 216-367-3422. Include copies of travel orders, airline tickets and taxi/cab fare receipts. For questions regarding the status of your voucher please call DFAS Travel Customer Service at 1-888-332-7366 Option 1, Option 0, Option 1.