Preparing for Employment Overseas

Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
Check here for information regarding travel and transportation to an overseas area.

Transportation Agreement
To receive PCS orders, you will need to complete a Transportation Agreement.

Home of Record (HOR)
Government liability for travel to and from an overseas duty location.

Information on passports and passport application form

Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)
You may also wish to use EBIS to process your health benefits change electronically.

Return Rights
Information and forms on DLA return rights.

DLA Rotation Agreement
A rotation agreement is a written agreement between an agency and an employee who accepts a position in an overseas area but does NOT have return rights to a position in the United States.  

passport and money

Advance Pay
Need a temporary loan of your salary for movement to the overseas area?  Click here for information and necessary forms.

Foreign Transfer Allowance (FTA)
Information and forms to request foreign transfer allowance.

Click here for a checklist for your use in tracking the completion of necessary forms/processes before you leave and upon arrival in the overseas area.

Travel Tips
Travel tips from the Department of State.