Employment While Overseas

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Overseas Allowance Wizards:
Allowances By Location
Allowances By Type

Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)
Information and forms regarding TQSA available while locating suitable housing in the overseas area.

Post Allowance
Available in areas where the cost of living is substantially higher than in Washington, DC. 

Post Differential/Danger Pay
Compensation provided in addition to regular salary for employees assigned to areas which have been declared "hostile" by the Department of State. 

Separate Maintenance Allowance
Supplemental payment available for employees that are required to maintain two residences for compelling reasons. 

Living Quarters Allowance (LQA)
Non-taxable supplement covering expenses for rent and utilities.

One time Living Quarters Allowance Reconciliation
LQA reconciliation requirements and forms.

Student Educational Travel
Travel/ transportation of dependents to and from a college, university, post high school vocational or technical school. 

Renewal Agreement Travel (RAT)
Information and request forms.

Early Return of Dependents Travel
Information and request forms.

Date Estimated Return from Overseas (DEROS)
Information on how DEROS is determined.

Home Leave
Additional leave category for overseas employees.

Information on banking overseas.

Foreign Exchange Rates

Identification Cards
Information on ID Cards.

Ration Cards
Information on ration cards.

Pay Problems
If you are a current overseas employee and you are experiencing pay problems, please check here for guidance.